Academic Council Meeting Minutes-November 18, 2009


Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque

Dr. Holly Verhasselt

Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo

Dr. Lawrence Rossow

Dr. Farhang Niroomand

Dr. Kathryn Tart

Ms. Chari Norgard

Ms. Trudy Wortham

Ms. Carolyn Mallory

Dr. Denee Thomas

Mr. Joe Ferguson

Dr. Cindy Schnebly

Dr. Joe Dahlstrom


Guests: Mr. John Ellis

             Ms. Tracey Fox

             Ms. Minnie Urbano


I.                    Review of Minutes-October 21, 2009


II.                 General


A.     Michael Ruland-ACUPCC

Mr. Ruland informed the council of UHV’s “green” efforts.  He noted that Dr. Hudson signed the “American College’s University President’s Climate Control Commitment” in 2007 and since then, UHV has been striving towards the pursuit of climate neutrality.  He wanted to bring to the council’s attention the part of the Commitment that dealt with integrating climate neutrality into the curriculum. 

Mr. Ruland also showed the group the “green” link on the UHV Facilities website.


Dr. Kathryn Tart noted that the SON will consider adding a link to the green initiative website in all SON Blackboard sections to help bring awareness to students.


B.     Texas Cares Website-John Ellis

Mr. John Ellis presented a draft for the initial concept of a 90 second promotional video to be posted on the Texas Cares website.  The message is to “Take your career and your life to the next level.”   He shared the UHV video outline and went over each scene with the group.


Ms. Chari Norgard suggested that freshman should also be included as part of the audience.


Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo suggested that UHV have a consistent theme or tagline in all marketing pieces.


Mr. Ellis said that he will work on creating a phrase that could be UHV’s tagline.



C.     Tracey Fox-Dual credit application and policies

Ms. Tracey Fox brought the revised “Dual Credit Application” back to the council for review.  The form will be going to Shelton School and Bishop Lynch, two private schools in Dallas.


The Council approved the use of the form.  There were three suggestions given:

·         Dr. Holly Verhasselt reminded them this is considered substantive change and must be reported to SACS.

·         Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque recommended that an MOU be set up with the private schools in Dallas.

·         Dr. Lawrence Rossow recommended that they check with the legal department about signing a document with religious affiliated institutions.


D.     Explanation of Air Force ROTC-Dr. Lawrence Rossow

Dr. Rossow shared that the students at UHV have the opportunity to participate in the UH main campus’s ROTC beginning in Fall 2010. Dr. Rossow intends to speak with Chari Norgard about recruiting participants.  ROTC is an option for all majors, with a minimum requirement of 12 hours and a maximum of 20 hours.  He noted that it would be nice if some of the courses could work within other degree plans besides in the School of Education.  Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque said that the information needs to be in the catalogue and she asked Ms. Trudy Wortham to work with Dr. Rossow to get that accomplished. 

The Council approved UHV’s participation in UH main campus’s Air Force ROTC program.


E.     Downward Expansion

Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque shared with the group the good news about SACS approval of the Substantive Change report.  With the approval, UHV is now able to accept applications and admit freshman students.  Dr. LaBrecque also noted that the Board of Regents gave UHV approval to purchase a building.  At the Board of Regents executive session on November 11th, there was lengthy discussion about the details of the purchase.  There is a specially- called Board of Regents meeting on December 2nd where the details will be decided.


Ms. Chari Norgard informed the group that she, President Hudson, and Wayne Beran will give a presentation at the Board of Regents meeting on the residential housing business plan, our recruiting efforts, and the advantages of living in residential housing vs. living in an apartment. 



F.      Enrollment Management

                                                                          i.      Admissions

Ms. Trudy Wortham informed the group that as of this morning UHV has received 16 freshman applications. Ms. Wortham requested approval for UHV to use the minimum passing scores passed by the legislature for TSI (Texas Success Initiative).  The Council approved.  Ms. Wortham distributed a copy of Tarleton State University’s TSI Plan and stated that UHV will need to develop its own TSI plan.


Ms. Chari Norgard noted that Victoria College needs to be informed on what UHV TSI test requirements are.


Ms. Minnie Urbano wanted to ask the council about what possible dates would be best to have transfer student orientation.  After much discussion, it was suggested that the Orientation be on Saturday, January 16th.  They suggested that key faculty members be at the campuses for the faculty/student session and to have orientation via ITV in Sugar Land and in Victoria.  Ms. Urbano will come back to another Academic Council meeting to inform everyone of how things went.


                                                                        ii.      Financial Aid

No report.


                                                                      iii.      LEAD

Dr. Thomas reported that LEAD is having good success with charter schools in the Valley and in trips to other destinations, including Laredo.  Dr. Di Leo suggested that recruitment interdigitate with the visits made on behalf of the Made In Texas curriculum, and that Macarena Hernandez could provide the names and locations of schools with which Centro Victoria is working.


The School of Arts and Sciences had their first big event in Laredo and 110 teachers attended.  Christine Ganado did the presentation.



G.    Information Technology

Mr. Joe Ferguson announced that UH has renewed their contract with Skillport (formerly known as E-smart) and it will be available November 30, 2009. 

Ms. Trudy Wortham wanted to note that the old Admin system will be shut down next week.  There will be a web based system available if anyone needs to access information.


H.    Provost Office Updates-Dr. Holly Verhasselt

Dr.Verhasselt informed the group that the 5th Interim Report Committee is actively working on this report.  The group meets weekly and the report is due in March.


I.       Library

No report.


J.      President’s Office Updates

Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque reminded everyone about Fall 2009 Commencement on December 12th in Katy at the Merrell Center starting at 11:00.  She also noted that the School of Nursing will have their pinning ceremony right after the Commencement ceremony. They will be honoring their first graduates from their Master of Science in Nursing program.



K.    Other




III.             Specific


A.     Student Issues

1.      None


B.     Consent Calendar/Faculty Development Grant Requests and Reports

1.       Approved an FY10 conference grant in the amount of $1104.70 for Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo to present at the Modern Language Association (MLA) 2009 Convention in Philidelphia, PA on December 27-30, 2009. 

2.       Approved an FY10 conference grant in the amount of $1170 for Dr. Linda Dune to present at the Baccalaureate Education Conference 2009 in Chicago, IL on November 19-21, 2009.

3.       Approved an FY10 conference travel grant in the amount of $1170 for Dr.
Nora Hutto to present at the World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference in Hong Kong, China on December 7-9, 2009.


As recorded by,

Tessa Naff