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June 4, 2013

Members Present: Butler, Castille, Herman, Hyde, Leatherwood, Loeb, O’Connor, Rachid, Rollins, Saenz, Shutt, Walker, Weber, and Williams

Absent: Alcorn, Cain, Espinoza, Garrett, Jacob, McCrohan, Parikh, Salazar, Scott and Welder

UHV Attendees: Charles Alcorn, Wayne Beran, Jeffrey Cass, Angela Hartmann, Frank Klepper, Faye Landry, Freddie Litton, Becky Perez, Ruston Raybon, Margaret Rice, Brenda Svetlik, Katy Waltersheidt, and Kathy Walton

I. Welcome and Introductions

Chair Richard Weber called the meeting to order and turned the meeting over to Dr. Philip Castille. Dr. Castille introduced Dr. Charles Alcorn, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations in University Advancement. Dr. Alcorn said he is looking forward to working at the University of Houston-Victoria and working closely with Victoria College.

II. Organizational Business

  1. Omar Rachid moved that the minutes of March 12, 2013 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Viola Saenz seconded the motion.

    Motion Carried Unanimously
  2. Report from Nominating Committee – The nominating committee presented four nominees for new membership with their terms expiring in 2016. Chair Weber stated that these individuals would be outstanding additions to this board.

    Ron Hyde – Certified Public Accountant and recently retired from STP Nuclear Operating Company in Matagorda County

    Lou Anne Kellman – Retired attorney and an active community member in Wharton County

    Gene Moreno – Retired from AT&T and an active community member in Goliad County

    Kathy Oehlke – Owner of OK Ranch Beefmasters and an active community member in Karnes County

    Chair Weber stated that there will be another prospective nominee we are visiting with from whom we do not have a response at this time. The name and bio will be sent to the PRAB membership if this individual is willing to serve and the board will be asked to vote electronically.

  3. Recognition of Service – Dr. Castille recognized and thanked the outgoing chair, Richard Weber and vice chair, Margery Loeb for their past year on the board as officers. Margery Loeb will continue serving as vice chair for this coming year. He presented them with a gift as a token of appreciation. Dr. Castille also presented Willie Rollins and Ron Hyde (Karnes County) with a gift of appreciation for their board service, and he thanked Ron for hosting a UHV get acquainted party at his home in Kenedy this past Spring 2012. Willie and Ron both thanked the board and said it has been a pleasure to serve on this board. Paul Salazar who completed his term was also recognized, although he was unable to attend this meeting.
  4. Morgan Dunn O’Connor moved and Ron Hyde seconded to approve all nominees as presented for membership and elected officers for 2013-2014 – Omar Rachid as Chair and Margery Loeb as Vice Chair.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Richard Weber thanked everyone for their support.

  5. Tentative dates of the President’s Regional Advisory Board for FY13-14 were presented to the Board. These dates will be added to the Master Calendar.

III. Presentations

Petroleum College International – Frank Klepper

Mr. Frank Klepper, President and Senior Instructor of Petroleum College International (PCI), gave a presentation on the history, purposes, major training partners and permanent training locations in his presentation entitled, Thirty Years of Well Control Training at UHV. The original Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) began in March of 1981 at the UHV campus as a unit of the Division of Continuing Education. Professor Claude F. Gilson was the first director and George C. Bagnall was the first instructor. PTI received Mineral Management Services (MMS) accreditation to teach well control classes in December of 1982. The first well control classes were conducted in February of 1983 and have continued for 30 years. PTI was restructured in 2001 under a partnership between UHV and Petroleum College International. PCI’s stated purpose is to offer short courses and seminars to assist petroleum industry personnel in developing, maintaining, and upgrading their professional skills. Through this training, companies are expected to benefit from improved safety records and more efficient operations that will result in significant monetary savings.

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) Overview – Angela Hartmann

Ms. Angela Hartmann, UHV’s Research Administrator, informed the President’s Regional Advisory Board that UHV received a letter in April from the US Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education designating UHV as a HSI institution making us eligible for Title III and Title V funding.

  • Title V (or Hispanic Serving Institutions)
    Title V institutions have to have enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students of at least 25% Hispanic, not less than 50% of its Hispanic students are low-income individuals, and have low education and general expenditures. This program will provide grants to assist HSI institutions to expand educational opportunities for, and improve the attainment of, Hispanic students. And it allows HSIs to expand and enhance their academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability. Title V funding may be used for scientific or laboratory equipment for teaching; construction or renovation of instructional facilities; faculty development; purchase of educational materials; academic tutoring or counseling programs; distance learning academic instruction; teacher education; and student support services.

  • Title III (or Strengthening Institutions Programs)
    Title III institutions have to have at least 50% of degree students receiving need-based assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, or have a substantial number of enrolled students receiving Pell Grants, and have low education and general expenditures. Title III funding provides help to institutions of higher education to become self-sufficient and expand their capacity to serve low income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability of eligible institutions. Title III funds supports planning; faculty development; establishing endowment funds; administrative management; the development and improvement of academic programs. Other projects supported by Title III funding include joint use of instructional facilities, construction, and maintenance; student service programs designed to improve academic success, including innovative, customized, instruction courses to help retain students, and move the students rapidly into core courses and through program completion, which may include remedial education and English language instruction.

School of Education & Human Development – Dr. Fred Litton

This presentation was deferred until the September meeting due to time constraint.

Regional Center for Economic Development – Wayne Beran

Mr. Wayne Beran introduced Brenda Svetlik, Director of Capital Projects. Ms. Svetlik gave an overview of the 3 story Regional Center for Economic Development building. This building will be built this fall on the side of University Center facing Ben Wilson Street and in front of University West. Two stories of this building will house Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offices, a larger multi-purpose room, tiered classroom, an auditorium, School of Business Administration offices, Student Affairs offices and classrooms.

IV. President’s Report and Discussion

Dr. Castille reported on the regular legislative session, saying that the House side added $8M+ to our $70M TRB package request. Nothing is confirmed at this time but UHV stands to receive more bonding authority than any other University of Houston System (UHS) campus if the TRB proposal is passed by the legislature.

Dr. Castille reported the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has been reviewed by the Texas Sunset Act, which provides recommendations to the Texas Legislature that decides on whether an agency continues to operate. Following the recommendations of the Sunset Review Board, the THECB will continue, but will no longer review capital projects.

The UHV’s Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner track was approved last week by the THECB leading the way for the first classes to start this fall. It will address the shortage of health care providers in the state.

College stated in a new statewide report, that out of 37 public universities in Texas, UHV graduates had the fourth-highest median first-year earnings of bachelor’s degree graduates. Also, UHV ranked third in the state in median first year earnings of their master’s degree graduates. The report “Higher Education Pays: The Initial Earnings of Graduates of Texas Public Colleges and Universities who are Working in Texas,” was commissioned by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and compiled by College Measures, a joint venture of the American Institutes for Research and the Matrix Knowledge Group.

Richard Weber moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:40 p.m.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 9/10/2013