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March 12, 2013

Members Present: Alcorn, Castille, Garrett, Jacob, Rachid, Saenz, Scott, Walker, and Welder

Absent: Butler, Cain, Espinoza, Herman, Hyde, Leatherwood, Loeb, McCrohan, O’Connor, Parikh, Rollins, Salazar, Shutt, Weber and Williams

UHV Attendees: Wayne Beran, Jeffrey Cass, Paula Cobler, Andrea Dry, Faye Landry, Farhang Niroomand, Ruston Raybon, Margaret Rice, Natalia Ruiz, Denee Thomas, Katy Waltersheidt and Kathy Walton

I. Welcome and Introductions

In the absence of the Board’s chair and vice chair, President Phil Castille called the meeting to order.

II. Organizational Business

  • Approval of Minutes – Jan Scott moved that the minutes from the December 4, 2012 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Jan Jacob seconded the motion.

Motion Carried Unanimously

III. University Advancement

President Castille said that University Advancement was in a transitional stage when he arrived and continues to be so. We are in the process of hiring a replacement to fill the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations position. Dr. Castille introduced the Advancement Office’s personnel, Andrea Dry and Natalia Ruiz. Dr. Eloise Stuhr visited UHV last month and Dr. Castille was impressed with her knowledge and vigor that she will bring to the position of Vice Chancellor for University Advancement.

President Castille introduced from the UH System, Cliff Redd, Associate Vice Chancellor for Development and Michelle Buhr, Director of Development. Mr. Redd and Ms. Buhr apologized for the calculation error on the UHS Excel spreadsheet that appeared in the endowment reports that were mailed from UHV in the last few weeks. In this spreadsheet, a phantom $10,000 was included in all of the endowment reports. UHS plans to reprint the reports and send out new packages with an additional page of information to expand and clarify the information in this report.

During the discussion, Mr. Redd and Ms. Buhr expressed the desire of UHS to be a great partner with UHV and stated they will be training UHV’s new Advancement personnel and will create a model process for staff to follow so that UHV has a model in place for new personnel for future needs. They said UHS has new safeguards in place that will now look at each of their processes and communications to prevent erroneous information. Questions asked on the reports—explanation of underwater endowments; where and how the pledge money was used for downward expansion, and where are we with the pledges. It was agreed that UHV needs a process in place for communicating with their donors: better letters and reports; making sure scholarships are given out; ensuring donors are connected to their gifts; better accountability of the money; and establishment of a real and measured process.

IV. Presentations

  • Dr. Farhang Niroomand, Dean, presented an overview of the School of Business Administration highlights:

✓ Accolades from Princeton Review, Fortune Small Business, U. S. News and World Report and Get

✓ # of Graduates in the MBA and MSEDE:
Spring 2012 – 94; Fall 2012 – 140 and Spring 2013 – 104

✓ # of Graduates in the Bachelor of Business Administration:
Spring 2012 – 64; Fall 2012 – 111 and Spring 2013 – 203

✓ New Curriculum Initiatives: MBA concentrations are being developed in Energy Management;
Healthcare; Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management

✓ New Undergraduate concentration are being developed in Supply Chain Management

✓ New 3-credit hour courses to facilitate internships in accounting, marketing, public relations and social media. Also will offer summer internships with Katy Economic Development Council and City of Meadows Place.

✓ Study Abroad will be held in Beijing and Jinan City, China from July 13–29, 2013 for Mgmt 4300 & 6300 – Leadership in Practice and Action; Taiwan from July 13–29, 2013 for Econ 4300 & 6300 – Special Topics in Managerial Economics

✓ Formed MBA Student Association and MBA Alumni Association

✓ Dr. Steve Ferguson, Executive-in-Residence will work to link MBA case competition with Houston firms and help to identify individuals for Dean’s Advisory Council

✓ Held Willis Group Distinguished Speaker Series and held MBA and BBA Conferences

✓ Dr. Massoud Metghalchi, Professor of Finance, was named the Sardessai Endowed Professorship

✓ Outstanding performance in teaching, research and/or service: Dr. Danny Chiang, Dr. June Lu, Dr. Rupak Rauniar, Dr. Barjinder Singh and Dr. Jun Yang

✓ Bloomberg Business Week Award Winners in Teaching: Dr. Rajan Selvarajan and Dr. Jun Yang and in Research: Dr. Massomeh Hajilee

✓ Professors lead UHV Economic Impact Study and Marketing Plan as service to the community

✓ SBDC offers seminars throughout the Crossroads Region

  • Mr. Wayne Beran, Vice President for Administration and Finance shared pictures of the proposed Regional Center for Economic Development building that will be built besides the University Center Building breaking ground in June 2013. It will be a three story containing:

    ✓ 63,000 sq. ft.

    ✓ 21,000 sq. ft. on each floor

    ✓ Multi-Purpose Room

    ✓ 200 seat auditorium

    ✓ 60 seat tiered classroom

    ✓ Business Conference Room

    ✓ Offices of School of Business Administration, Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), Career Services and expansion space

    Mr. Beran said Jaguar Suites is scheduled to be online by July 15. He said he feels with all the amenities, these dorm rooms will be able to sell themselves. The remodeling of the Kresta Boat building for Facilities Services will be completed in approximately one and half months, allowing for the Athletics Department to move into the vacated Facilities area, this then opens up space in Jaguar Hall for the expansion of the dining hall. Mr. Beran said the outdoor kitchen, requested by the students near the pool has been completed by Jaguar Hall. On the May Board of Regents’ (BOR) meeting agenda, UHV has the two properties listed (across the street on Ben Wilson) and Jaguar Court (UHV currently leases this property) for approval to purchase.

  • Dr. Denee Thomas, Sr. Director Enrollment Management and Retention, gave an overview of the Enrollment Impact on Master Planning in Victoria. UHV is actively recruiting with a physical presence in the following areas: San Antonio, Houston, Austin/Killeen/Waco, Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley, Dallas, El Paso/West Texas and Coastal Bend (outside Victoria College service area). Dr. Thomas presented enrollment from Downward Expansion from fall 2010 (379 students) to estimated fall 2013 (648 estimated students).

    The following spent for Downward Expansion:
    Fall 2010 - $29.0 million
    Fall 2012 - $22.5 million
    Total $51.5 million

    We have proposed this January 2013 to the legislature a request for $88 million to support Downward Expansion. If this legislature is approved, in five years, UHV will have spent $152 million on Downward Expansion, which has major economic development impact. This is consistent with the development path followed by other public universities in Texas that were authorized by the legislature to undergo downward expansion.

  • Dr. Phil Castille, President, remarks:

    Dr. Castille remarked that UHV is a small university and has cut corners to make up for the 1.8 million that was cut from our budget two years ago, but said his outlook is optimistic for a very productive legislative session.

    Dr. Castille said he felt his participation in the Victoria Day at the State Capitol was a productive day spent with other Victorians, including meetings with our representative and senator.

Jan Jacob moved and Omar Rachid seconded that the meeting adjourn at 4:40 p.m.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 6/4/2013