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June 5, 2012

Members Present: Castille, Espinoza, Garrett, Herman, Jacob, Jaso, Leatherwood, O’Connor, Rachid, Rollins, Walker, Weber, Welder and Williams

Absent: Alcorn, Butler, Cain, Clapp, Hyde, McCrohan, Parikh, Rubio, Salazar

UHV Attendees: Wayne Beran, Emily Bergstrom, Jeffrey Cass, Lindsey Koch, Faye Landry, Ruston Raybon, Margaret Rice, Kathy Walton and Ash Walyuchow

Guests: Jeanette Batchelder, Stacy Landry and sons Blaine and Blyth

I.     Welcome and Introductions

Chair Janet Leatherwood called the meeting to order and introduced Dr. Beatriz Espinoza, President of Coastal Bend College.

II.    A Tribute to Arlene Newman Marshall

Margaret Rice presented a Tribute to Arlene Marshall, a PRAB member who passed away on May 21, 2012. In memory of Arlene, President Castille will have an inscribed paving stone installed in the entry way to the University Center. This paver represents a $500.00 scholarship. Others have added to this scholarship in Arlene’s name. Margaret recognized family members attending - Jeanette Batchelder and daughter, Stacy Landry with her sons Blaine and Blyth. Enclosed in the member packet was a brief bio that gives us a glimpse of the depth and breadth of Arlene’s life; of her dedication to community; her professionalism; her kind heart; her gracious character and her generous nature. Arlene was a graduate of the University of Houston. She was the first woman county judge in Calhoun County. Indicative of her commitment to education, she served on the Victoria College Foundation Board of Directors, the University of Houston-Victoria President’s Regional Advisory Board and the University of Houston Alumni Board. She was very committed to education. She was president of the Literacy Volunteers of Calhoun County which she founded.

III.    Organizational Business

Hernan Jaso was presented with a small token of appreciation for his service from 2003-2012. Mr. Jaso was thanked for his part of the Tejano monument that was dedicated in Austin. Jaso thanked the Board and said he was honored to be part of this group and will treasure the acquaintances he has made at UHV. He says to feel free to call on him and that he would love to serve again. Randy Clapp, who is completing his term was also recognized, although he was unable to attend the meeting. Randy served from 2003-2012.

Dr. Castille introduced and welcomed Beatriz Espinoza, the new president of Coastal Bend College. She provided her background information to the Board.

The introduction of board members and UHV staff members were made.

Jan Jacob moved that the minutes of March 6, 2012 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Omar Rachid seconded the motion.
Motion Carried Unanimously

Report from Nominating Committee –The nominating committee presented three nominees for new membership with their terms expiring in 2015. She stated that these individuals would be outstanding additions to this board.

  1. Margery Loeb – President of Loeb & Associates, LLC in Victoria, TX.
  2. Viola Y. Saenz – Retired and active community member.
  3. John J. Shutt – Controller for Ganado Telephone Company, Inc. and YK Communications, Ltd.

Hernan Jaso moved and Jan Jacob seconded to approve all nominees as presented for membership and

elected officers for 2012-2013 - Richard Weber as Chair and Margery Loeb as Vice Chair.
Motion Carried Unanimously

Richard Weber thanked everyone for their support.

Dr. Castille recognized and thanked the outgoing chair, Janet Leatherwood and vice chair, Richard Weber for their two year term of service. He presented them with a token of appreciation.

Tentative dates of the President’s Regional Advisory Board for FY12-13 were presented to the Board. These dates will be added to the Master Calendar.

IV. Presentations

Academic Highlights – Dr. Jeffrey Cass

Dr. Cass gave the Board handouts on the Quality Enhancement Plan(QEP), a new requirement for SACS reaccreditation. The purpose of the QEP is to foster greater engagement between faculty, students and the community. Students that are more engaged with faculty, each other, and the community will have a greater investment in learning and will be better able to apply their education in the world beyond the university. Dr. Cass said the process and the theme decision has been narrowed down to the following five (5) topics.

  • Service Learning
  • Learning Communities
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Enhance Academic Flexibility
  • Greater Course Rigor/Improve online experience

A topic will be chosen in a few weeks. In the Fall semester a draft plan will be implemented and reviewed in the Spring. Final plan will be finalized in the Summer of 2013.

Dr. Cass gave an update on the summer enrollment. We are encouraging students to register concurrently for summer and fall semesters. We are offering more courses face to face for freshman this summer. No matter who calls, we really want to help the student enroll. We started fall registration early in April this year for the first time and are enrolling continuously.

Adults with higher education degree:

  • 28-29% of population.
  • 25% for Texas
  • 40% for Austin, TX – highest group
  • 17% Victoria County
  • 16% for McAllen/Edinburg –lowest group
  • 40% for Fort Bend have a college degree

Wayne Beran gave an update on the planned academic and economic development building to be built for $12.47 million. It will have a 200 seat auditorium and several classrooms. The School of Business Administration, the Small Business Development Center and Allied Health will be housed there.

UHV is in the process of buying the Kresta Boat Yard for Facilities. With the addition of this property, the entrance to the dorms can be moved from Highway 59 to Ben Wilson, providing a safer approach to the dorms. The purchase of this building will enable Athletics to move to the present Facilities Building across the street from the main campus.

Student Life – Lindsey Koch

Lindsey Koch gave a presentation on Student Life: A Year in Review. The more involved students are on campus, the better they perform in class. The Office of Student Life and Services encourages students to join or create student organizations, participate in student activities, get to know their classmates and university personnel, and find other students who share their interests. While we still have a long way to go, we have come a long way in a short time and the future looks bright. Before downward expansion we had nine (9) student organizations and now we have over twenty (20).

Student activities include 2-3 events for students every week in Victoria to provide opportunities for social development, relationship building, and fun.

Jaguar Journey is our Student Orientation Program. This program is required of all freshmen the weekend before classes began. Students will be placed on teams of about 15 who will stick together throughout the action-packed weekend with upperclassmen as leaders. The main goals of this weekend is to get students familiar with the UHV campus, give students knowledge about available services, and allow opportunities for students to start forming relationships. The Freshmen Year “Common Read” book will be the Hunger Games.

We will be getting a school mascot “Jaguar JaX” costume, which a student will wear to make appearances at various university and community events.

Ashley Furniture partnered with UHV to give Jaguar Hall a facelift and when Jaguar Court is available they will provide new furniture for this dorm.

Student Senate Updates – Emily Bergstrom

(Dr. Castille noted that Emily Bergstrom is our 2012 Female athlete of the year and NAIA – All American. She is the president of the Student Senate organization.) This organization has been transforming from one that hosts events to a group that focuses more on the governing side. Emily stated they hold weekly meetings. They had a “Meet the Leaders” event and provided lunch. One of the student senate members led an initiative to change the age at which one could run for Victoria City Council from 21 years to 18. It was on the ballot but did not pass. Students are encouraged to register to vote. The students volunteer at different community and student events, such as Habitat for Humanity, Giving Tree, Children’s Museum and others. Student Senate tries to make sure students know what is going to happen in the community by using e-mail and list serve.

Keith Williams encouraged the students to keep up the good work and to stay involved in the community. Willie Rollins said students can transform a community. Dr. Castille stated that students are our best ambassadors.

Softball Nationals – Ash Walyuchow

  • Emily Bergstrom was the starting pitcher in Gulf Shores, Georgia. Thirty-two teams participated. It was very family-oriented and enjoyed by all. The students were great ambassadors for UHV and Victoria and compliments were received from the Gulf Shores community. Congratulations to Emily and the softball team for their participation in the Nationals.
  • Baseball experienced a good season.
  • Soccer teams improved dramatically this year. Our teams not only improved on the field but also in the classroom.
  • GPA improved for all players.
  • Recruitment of athletes is ongoing.
  • Coaching staff staying the same next year.

Hernan Jaso complimented Ash on the improvement of Athletic programs over the year.

V. President’s Report and Discussion

Dr. Castille expressed appreciation to Ron and Pat Hyde for hosting the social event in Kenedy. We are hoping to see more of these events. Richard Weber will be hosting an event in the fall in Cuero.

The 40th anniversary for next year is still in the planning stages and is moving along.

Chancellor Khator plans to attend our fall convocation.

Fred Litton is our new Dean of Education and Human Development and will be reporting in on July 1st.

I want to thank Diane Prince for serving as Interim Dean this past year.

UHV has partnered with Twin Fountains to administer the bacterial meningitis shot. Thanks go to Dr. John McNeil and Twin Fountains for working with us. Twin Fountains is talking with UHV about providing infirmary services to UHV.

UHV has moved into the Woodlands with our nursing program, and Dr. Denise Neill will head up the RN to BSN program. We provide the nursing program for the University of Houston System.

Omar Rachid and Jan Jacob commented that the coverage of UHV has been great in The Victoria Advocate.

Janet Leatherwood moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 p.m.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 9/11/12

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