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President's Regional Advisory Board
March 6, 2012

Members Present:Alcorn, Butler, Cain, Castille, Clapp, Jaso, Leatherwood, O'Connor, Rachid, Walker, Weber, Welder and Williams

Absent: Garrett, Goodson, Herman, Hyde, Jacob, Marshall, McCrohan, Parikh, Rubio, and Salazar

UHV Attendees: Matt Alexander, Zandy Baker, Wayne Beran, Jeffrey Cass, Janet Foerster, Faye Landry, Kendra Matthews, Margaret Rice, Larry Rossow and Kathy Walton

  1. Chair Janet Leatherwood called the meeting to order and asked Dr. Phil Castille to introduce the new Provost, Dr. Jeffrey Cass. Last fall, UHV conducted a search for a provost and Dr. Don Smith stayed on to assist Dr. Castille as provost and assistant to the president. Dr. Cass hails from University of Louisiana at Monroe. He was Dean of School of Arts and Sciences and served five or six years with the National Public Radio Station. He has spent most of his career in Texas with Laredo Community College and Laredo State University which became Texas A&M International. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of California-San Diego in Comparative Literature.
  2. Organizational Business

    Richard Weber moved that the minutes from the December 6, 2011 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Omar Rachid seconded the motion.
    Motion Carried Unanimously

  3. Presentations

    The Re-Accreditation Process – Dr. Jeffrey Cass
    Dr. Jeffrey Cass gave an overview of the re-accreditation process with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Dr. Cass stated that UHV will undergo their review in 2014 with two pieces that UHV will have to meet: Compliance Audit and Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). A topic must be selected for the QEP and we will involve our stakeholders in this process. We will provide the link to you to request your input as a community and board member on this topic.

    Growth in Student Organizations – Ms. Janet Foerster
    Ms. Janet Foerster gave an overview of the growth in student organizations.
    2009 – 7 active organizations
    2010 – 9 active organizations
    2011 – 20 active organizations - 4 are in the process of forming their organizations
    The Jaguar Jazz team performed a short routine the PRAB meeting.

    Ms. D’Andrala Alexander, founding president of the Black Student Union (BSU), gave an overview of this organization. The Black Student Union is an educational, cultural, political, social and community service organization. Its mission is to enhance the experience and address the needs of Black students, give them voice and power in the community, and create a safe space to promote friendship and solidarity among Black students while bridging gaps between communities.

    The purpose of this organization is to facilitate cultural awareness and dialogues in social responsibility. In addition to coordinating creative and relevant programs and educating the campus about the rich diversity of Black and African American culture, they will examine and address issues that impact people of African descent both locally and globally.

    The BSU was started at UHV in March 2011. 16.1% of the UHV student body is Black or African American; this is a significant number and one to commend UHV for its commitment to the recruitment of historically underrepresented populations.

    The immediate goals for BSU in 2012 are the following:

    • Plan to focus on retaining and graduating students by providing an academically supportive community
    • Improve the greater Victoria area and become an integral part of the community through community service and outreach
    • To supplement UHV in its ongoing commitment to make higher education accessible to groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education; and
    • Cultural enrichment and acknowledgement of the contribution of Black people in many fields both in the past and present.

    UHV has a goal of making this a stellar institution of higher learning. BSU hopes to facilitate this by supplementing the in class learning with leadership training and grooming to produce creative, civic minded, and effective leaders for this for this community now and in the future.

    Ms. Sharon Grahmann, President of Pre-Veterinarian/Animal Career (PV/AC), talked about their new organization at UHV. They are open to students in animal careers. They offer pet therapy services during finals week in the fall and spring.

    Ms. Zandy Baker, Director of Housing, reported that each fall, American Campus Communities hosts a customer service survey to gauge the satisfaction of the residents living in the dorms they manage. This past fall UHV’s total housing of students was 164, which included 150 freshmen, 7 sophomores, 3 juniors. Of those were 4 graduates, 22 athletes, 70 males and 94 females. American Campus Communities used an outside company to conduct a property survey. UHV ranked 8th out of the 120 properties with student satisfaction, 1st in our region for participation with 99%, 1st in the company for participation and 3rd in the company for resident engagement. The feedback on the survey questions will help UHV with any areas that need addressing.

    New Sophomore Dorm – Mr. Wayne Beran
    Mr. Wayne Beran, Vice President of Administration and Finance,
    shared a proposed design for the sophomore residence hall, to be called Jaguar Suites. The estimated cost is $11,500,000 and it will be built between Jaguar Hall (freshmen) and Jaguar Courts (sophomore and upper graduates with 174 rooms) on Hwy. 59. Final design is expected in March. This fall, it will be mandatory for freshmen and sophomores to live in the dormitories. We are appealing to students outside our area. The UHV guarantee will be offered to eligible new freshmen and sophomores. Some low-income students would be eligible for free tuition and fees. Others would receive financial support on a graduated scale based on family income as documented on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Continuing UHV students currently on financial aid would be eligible to continue receiving aid, also on a graduated scale based on family income as documented on the FAFSA.

    UHV is also working on approvals needed for the Regional Economic Development Building which will be built next to the University Center Building.

  4. President’s Remarks

    Dr. Phil Castille talked about plans for the 40th Anniversary of UHV that opened its doors in 1973. Starting in Fall 2012, UHV will be starting a yearlong celebration. We are open to ideas and suggestions. We will rebrand the events we already have and add new events with the 40th anniversary theme. Paula Cobler will be chairing the committee. UHV will be sending an e-mail to PRAB with an outline of what will be planned. This will run from August 2012 to August 2013, starting with our Fall Convocation. Examples: ABR speakers, showcase graduates each month with their successes, etc. We have over 11,000 alumni. We have retired Campaign Victoria this year.

    • Commencement – Currently UHV holds one at the Merrell Center in Katy, TX and the other in Victoria at the Faith Family Church. We have had some complaints from students who do not wish to attend their commencement at a church. Students are told that they may participate at the ceremony in Katy, TX in the Fall. Althouth not ideal, Faith Family is the only facility in Victoria large enough to accommodate our needs.
    • We are holding early registration in April for fall and summer semesters.
    • Working with Victoria College (VC) on calendar issues and developmental classes at VC with the goal of better alignment of class times.
    • Houston Community College Northwest (HCC) is partnering with UHS to bring more four year degrees to Katy. UHV plays a large role in this through the Cinco Ranch teaching site.
    • As the state cuts more funding in higher education, we have to learn how to survive off of our revenue.

    Regent Welder spoke from the Board of Regents perspective.

    • Shift at UH “Access to Education” changing to “Student Success.”
    • More selective in the types of students we recruit.

    Dr. Castille stated “transfers” is the key word in the state. We will partner with our community college friends. We will continue to have conversations with Victoria College concerning our master plan. We work with our neighbors and partners. Our Master Plan is always a draft.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 6/5/2012

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