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President's Regional Advisory Board
December 6, 2011

Members Present: Castille, Clapp, Garrett, Herman, Jaso, Leatherwood, Rachid, Walker, Weber and Welder

Absent: Alcorn, Baynum, Butler, Cain, Hyde, Jacob, Marshall, McCrohan, O’Connor, Parikh, Rubio, Salazar and Williams

UHV Attendees: Matt Alexander, Wayne Beran, Robin Cadle, Ken Cooke, Faye Landry, Amy Mundy, Margaret Rice, Don Smith and Kathy Walton

Other Guest: Willie & Audrey Rollins, Shirley Brown, Vivian Allen, Wil Duncan, Dana Duncan O’Kelly, Marcietta Moore, Bucha Mickey, Emett Alvarez and Rick Perkins

  1. A Tribute to Dora Rollins Duncan

    Chair Janet Leatherwood called the meeting to order.

    Margaret Rice presented a Tribute to Dora Rollins Duncan, a PRAB member who passed away on October 31st, 2011. A $500 scholarship donation from UHV, a paver and $200 donated by Margaret Rice. Mr. Wil Duncan, her husband, thanked everyone and said that Dora would have been very proud of the scholarship. She was very committed to UHV, Boys and Girls Club, CASA and other organizations. Willie Rollins, Dora’s brother, expressed thanks from the family saying that education was very near and dear to Dora’s heart. This scholarship will keep on giving.

  2. Organizational Business

    Approval of Minutes – Kay Kerr Walker moved that the minutes from the September 13, 2011 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Charmelle Garrett seconded the motion.
    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Recommendation from nominating committee: Janet Leatherwood recommended that we ask Willie Rollins to serve out the remainder of Dora Rollins Duncan’s term on the board. The term expires in 2013. Hernan Jaso moved and Omar Rachid seconded.
    Motion Carried Unanimously

  3. President’s Remarks

    President Castille presented the President’s Regional Advisory Board members a gift (Jaguar Stadium Seat) as a token of appreciation for their service. He also announced the holiday reception that will follow this meeting with attendance of Chancellor Khator, and the three new UH Board of Regents: Spencer D. Armour III, Roger F. Welder and Welcome W. Wilson, Jr. He discussed the positive changes at the Sugar Land campus and the excellent articles by the Victoria Advocate. UH System discussions related to the Sugar Land teaching center began last summer. With half of the UHV faculty at the Sugar Land campus, and over half of the programs at the teaching center offered by UHV, the outcomes of these discussions were important. Dr. Castille said he attended the discussion meetings with John Antel and Marshall Schott at the Sugar Land campus on the evolving role of that campus. The message shared with the Sugar Land colleagues was the same message UHV heard. Sugar Land will become a University of Houston teaching center. There will be a three-year pause in introducing new UHV programs while UH establishes programs there. UHV’s current programs at Sugar Land will not be affected by the change. The Board of Regents (BOR) approved the change of the UHSSL campus at its November meeting.

  4. UHV Master Plan
    • Margaret Rice gave an overview of the Master Plan and showed a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted UHV’s Master Plan.

      Dr. Castille says we are position to grow rapidly as a “college town. By the end of 2014 UHV will be out of space on this campus to meet student needs. We need to plan for a new academic building to be completed by 2015.

      University Advancement Overview

    • Margaret Rice highlighted the giving opportunities in University Advancement:
      • Annual Giving – can designate your gift to any area of the university.
      • Friends of the University Annual Campaign (FOU) – focuses on the current needs of the university.
      • Endowments – creates a permanent legacy for UHV and UHV students. Endowed gifts are placed in a permanent fund and a portion of the income earned from that fund provides benefits.
        • Endowed Scholarships carry the name of the donor or someone the donor wants honored and provide scholarship assistance to UHV students. This can be started with a $10,000 gift, payable over five years and additional gifts may be contributed over time to increase the amount of the endowment.
        • Endowed Professionships and Chairs carry the name of the donor or someone the donor wants to honor, and allow UHV schools and programs the opportunity to attract and reward distinguished faculty. This can be initiated with a $250,000 gift, payable over five years.
      • Named Scholarships – non-endowed scholarships which are named and can be made one-time or renewed annually.
      • Facility Naming – building, renovation and maintenance of UHV facilities offer friends and alumni the opportunity to create a visible legacy that enhances the UHV experience for students, faculty, staff and community.
      • Planned Giving – charitable estate planning through a will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, annuity or other plan.
      • Corporate and Foundation Giving – these gifts further the goals of both the donor organization and the university.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m. and gifts were distributed to the members present.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 3/6/2012

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