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9:30 A.M., March 12, 2014
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Bashaw, Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Neill, Rutzen, Salazar, Smith, Thomas, Walyuchow and Alcorn

Representative: Dr. Ricardo Teixeira

I. Organization Business

Minutes from the February 12th meeting were approved with minor changes noted by Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Castille introduced Dr. Denise Neill as the Interim Provost and stated reasons on why such a change was made within the UHV administration.

Dr. Ron Salazar thanked Dr. Jeff Cass for all his hard work during his tenure as Provost and his diligence in working with faculty and staff on all issues. Dr. Cass responded with a thank you as well and it has been a great privilege for him as well.

II. Business

A. Report on the First Year Experience – Dr. Ricardo Teixeira

  • Dr. Teixeira made a presentation on Living and Learning Communities. He noted that communication is key to help grow and make these types of communities effective. Dr. Teixeira and Dr. Keith Akins recently attended a conference on how to build living and learning communities and it is has been encouraged to continue to attend in the future to keep abreast of developments in this field. The presentation ended with long term ideas which included peer mentoring and the integration of social media.
  • B. Facilities & Finance Updates – Wayne Beran

  • Mr. Beran discussed a tuition and fees increase up to a certain level. This discussion of prospective property near the university and how obtaining it will help with additional buildings for UHV. Mr. Beran noted that all merit increases were calculated and loaded manually and thanked the Budget Director, Karen Sanders, for her hard work in making this happens. The merit raise and equity pay will be effective in the April 2014 pay cycle for all monthly paid employees.
  • C. Enrollment Updates – Dr. Denee Thomas

  • Dr. Thomas gave a report on the current application cycles and stated that UHV Summer 2014 is on pace with last year. Overall, we are currently slightly down for summer, but up for Fall 2014. Of the 3,653 Fall freshmen applications, 1,754 have been accepted.
  • D. Student Affairs Updates – Dr. Jay Lambert

  • Dr. Lambert informed the cabinet that UHV is set to start awarding financial aid on March 17th, 2014. This is substantially earlier than in past years and the efforts of all to make this happen is appreciated. Also, if there are any students having issues with this can contact Dr. Lambert’s office directly to resolve the issue.
  • E. University Advancement Updates – Greg Rutzen

  • Greg Rutzen updated the cabinet on Charlie Alcorn’s recent trip to China to visit with prospective donors. This effort is in conjunction with the Jifa Group and their constituents who have been very generous to UHV. Also noted, was a gift on behalf of Regent Roger Welder to name the executive conference room in the new building.
  • F. Other Items

    Dr. Teixeira let everyone know that there will be a Math and Computer Science Awareness Day on campus, March 18th. The event is sponsored by Alcoa and Invista and will host other local companies as well. Dr. Tavakkoli was essential to the planning of this event and the grant received. This has been an event here at UHV for the past 20 years.

    Dr. Alcorn took the time to thank Mr. Beran and President Castille for sponsoring the recent trip to China to further cultivate prospective donors.

    Dean Tart thanked everyone including the IT staff for all their hard work and efforts during the recent CCNE visit. UHV will have a final report in October 2014. Dr. Tart mentioned that the 7th annual nursing forum, “Care in the Public,” will be held on April 25th and is being sponsored by the Houston Endowment.

    Ash Walyuchow invited everyone to upcoming UHV baseball games as well as informing everyone that there was a sports clinic for the Boys & Girls Club of Victoria with about 100 in attendance and the event was aimed at people with disabilities. Coach Terry Puhl will be involved with opening day of the Victoria Little League, and will be throwing out the first pitch. Also noted, was a potential bid to host the NAI National Championship, which would be held at Colony Creek. If awarded, this would be a 2 year commitment to host.

    Harry Bashaw stated that the staff of UHV would like to have a staff representative on the Sugar Land transition team.

    Submitted by: Erika Vermillion