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9:30 A.M., December 11, 2013
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
: Bashaw, Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Niroomand, Olukoya, Rice, Rutzen, Salazar, Tart, and Thomas

Absent: Akins, Smith, and Walyuchow

Representative: Paul Ebner, Athletics; Karen Pantel, Human Resources; and Dr. Charles Alcorn, University Advancement

Guests: Tim Michalski, Business Services and Crystal Simmons, University Advancemen

I. Organization Business

Dr. Dahlstrom moved and Dean Niroomand seconded to approve the minutes of November 13, 2013, as presented.

II. Business

A. Policy Approval—Tim Michalski

  • A-16 Telecommunication User Guidelines
  • Mr. Michalski passed out a copy of the updated policy for Cabinet members to review. The most noted items addressed were the new requirement for a Communication Allowance Request form and the required approval by the president for University provided communication devices and services or for exceptions to the policy.

    A motion was made by Mr. Beran, seconded by Dr. Cass to approve the policy as written.

    Policy A-16 was approved by unanimous vote.

    B. President’s Report—Dr. Phil Castille

  • Announcements
    --Dr. Castille introduced University Advancement’s new probationary employee, Crystal Simmons, as the new Director of Annual Giving in University Advancement.

  • --Dr. Castille said he, Sharon Bailey, Jeff Cass, Jill Fox, and Upphinder Mehan attended the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools/Commission on Colleges conference in Atlanta, GA, in preparation of UHV’s upcoming site visit in April.

  • System Presidents’ Meeting
    Dr. Castille said at the last System Presidents’ meeting House Bill 29 (Four-Year Fixed Tuition Rate) was addressed. He said he and the other presidents are lobbying Chancellor Khator for both a fixed rate for four-years as well as continue the variable rates. He stated that the four System chief financial officers are trying to work out a package that would allow the main campus rate 4-year inflation rate to be at approximately 9% and the other 3 campuses to be at 12% because the 3 regional campuses have much lower tuition rates than the main campus. Dr. Castille said this is a complicated issue and discussions are on-going. Whatever is proposed will have to be approved by the Board of Regents.

  • “Blue Ribbon Task Force”
    Dr. Castille announced that three UHV employees were chosen to serve on the chancellor’s “Blue Ribbon Task Force,” Elsa Leggett, Xavier Garza Gomez, and Dakota Doman. The members of the task force will be addressing diversity in higher education for the Greater Houston region.

  • Integrated Admissions
    Dr. Castille said the chancellor reported by fall 2014 all UHS campuses will have integrated admissions. This common admission process is one which students denied admission by UH Central would be automatically accepted at other UH campuses. Students will only receive positive letters that will state they have been admitted to UHV, UHD, and/or UHCL. There are still issues to be addressed such as FERPA, because students may have to agree to participate in the integrated admissions process.

  • C. Academic Affairs Updates—Dr. Jeff Cass

    Dr. Cass announced that UHV did well on their SACS compliance audit. He shared a handout that listed the Compliance Audit Findings. We passed the General Education, Student Support Services, and there were no findings in Finance or Financial Aid. We did have a few dings in the CORE Requirements that will need to be addressed but nothing drastic, mainly additional information will take care of these. He stated the average findings are 17-20 and UHV got 20. Dr. Cass said they are still working on the second draft of the QEP.

    D. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

  • Facility Space Needs
    Mr. Beran shared a copy of a document titled “Facility Space Needs Assessment Survey-Victoria Campus Location Only.” This was an overview of a survey that will be shared with the President’s Cabinet and department directors to help determine the adequacy of facilities. The information will help determine or identify space surplus, deficiencies, or functional inadequacies. The assessment information will be used to prepare a five-year Capital Improvement Plan that will identify specific capital projects to be developed. The Capital Improvement Plan will be submitted to the UHS Board of Regents for review. Mr. Beran said UHS will be sending out a survey for Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch.

  • Student Housing
  • --Mr. Beran said a committee of Jay Lambert, Denee Thomas, Dakota Doman, Brandon Lee, Valerie Walden, Kevin Myers, and he has been established to address the issue of whether it is time for UHV to run the dorms rather than outsourcing. The committee will meet with the president and provost where a final decision will be made.

    --Mr. Beran said the net revenue through November on housing for the two apartments across the street is $34,000. Nancy Gardner has been approved to work as a UHV liaison for those apartments. …………..Mr. Beran said the Willis Group and Nancy Gardner have located a possible 9 acres for additional housing property.

  • Victoria Area Event Center/ Athletic Facility
  • Mr. Beran said there is a possibility of the UHV Athletic Facility being constructed prior to the event center simply because UHV’s part of the project could get going earlier.

    E. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

    Dr. Lambert announced UHV now has a contract with UT Health Science Center to provide counseling service for our students. Students will be limited to 3 visits, following that the student will be set up with their insurance service. This will go into effect January 1, 2014.

    F. Enrollment Updates—Dr. Denee Thomas

    Dr. Thomas reminded Cabinet members about spring enrollment stating that there is still work to be done. There are 314 new students who have been accepted (for all levels, all schools) who have not enrolled, and 537 new students whose applications have not been completed yet, so there are more than 800 new potential students out there, perhaps waiting for recruiters and advisors to contact. Fall freshman applications are at 2,429, with 755 accepted. That is an increase of 54% in applications and 95% in accepted applications from this date last year. For the past two months, UHV has had more than 900 applications a month for fall 2014 freshmen class, the most robust ever, and November was the all-time high for students accepted in one month, at 362.

    G. University Advancement Updates—Greg Rutzen

    Mr. Rutzen stated UHV is just approaching the $900,000 in new commitments for this fiscal year. He reminded Cabinet members that the System goal for UHV is $800,000 and our goal is $2 million+.

    H. Other Items

    Dean Niroomand said every school is working hard on increasing the number of students enrolled. The School of Business Administration will have 104 MBA graduating students at commencement. He said they had a good MBA Conference with over 237 attendees and 8 recruiters interviewing SBA students who are in the job market. We had a very good Keynote speaker for the event, he was very well received, and Chairman WU and his wife were introduced to the audience. Dean Niroomand said Chairman Wu has been on campus and will give a presentation on December 13 and will be attending UHV’s commencement ceremony in Katy.

    Dean Di Leo acknowledged the School of Arts & Sciences on their work on SACS findings. He emphasized the need for labs for our students and hopes to work with University Advancement in seeking donors. He said enrollments have been outstanding. The American Book Review schedule came out for the spring guest speakers. Four out of five are writers of color and feels this will work well for our students.

    Dr. Alcorn announced UHV is cultivating a relationship with the Qingdoa, China-based industrial conglomerate Jifa Group, led by CEO Madame Chen Yulan, that visited our campus in December. He thanked Dean Di Leo for initiating the contact and Professor Yun Wan for his assistance in translating and logistics during the three-day visit to the Sugar Land and Victoria campuses. Dr. Alcorn also wanted to thank the many individuals that were able to participate in the meetings with this group. Alcorn plans to follow up with the Jifa Group, via Dr. Wan, in early January.

    Dean Tart announced the School of Nursing received a $50,000 grant from the Vivian L. Smith Foundation. She said the school had interviewed 64 students for the Second Degree BSN degree. She said the fall 2013 nursing graduating class is the school’s largest graduating class ever. Dean Tart thanked the SoN faculty and staff for a blue banner year—UHV’s Second Degree Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing have the highest first-time nurse licensing exam pass rate for universities in the state.

    Dean Litton said the School of Education & Human Development has been busy with moving from Cinco Ranch to UHV at Houston Community College. He expressed his thanks to everyone for their help on this move and believes it will be very beneficial. He thanked Dean Di Leo and the Arts & Sciences faculty for coming together for a second degree in Spanish. The school is working on 2 grants to be submitted in January. He announced the school has hired a leadership faculty member. He said they are working on a 5-course concentration in Educational Technology within the C&I master’s degree program and will be going forward for approval by the Faculty Senate.

    Dr. Salazar said UHV’s technology is working well and thanked the technology people. He said the leadership within the Faculty Senate under Dr. Denise Neill was outstanding.

    Mr. Bashaw said at a recent Staff Council meeting there was a request, that early/timely notifications of any changes would be greatly appreciated. Front-line staff do not always have the information they need to assist students. He closed by saying the Staff Council pot luck luncheon was a success.

    Mr. Olukoya said the Student Government Association has been working on the Giving Tree and that donations are coming in. He said Student Government sponsored “Cram Jam” where breakfast, lunch, and dinner food was provided on different days to help students with finals. Mr. Olukoya was not able to participate in an invitation from the White House for Student Government officers due to finals. UHV was represented in the Victoria Christmas Parade by Student Government officers and jaX in a Jaguar van and our police vehicle driven by Sergeant Rick Gammon. UHV received the “Most Spirited Award.”

    Ms. Pantel, representing Laura Smith, reminded everyone of the upcoming mandatory training deadline and that without completion of this training, individuals will not be eligible for merit increases.

    Mr. Beran announced that Darlene Pullin will be retiring at the end of January.

    Dr. Castille reminded everyone of the upcoming Budget Hearings on January 9.

    Mr. Ebner, representing Ash Walyuchow, announced season tickets for UHV’s baseball games are on sale--$99 for reserved seats. There will be twenty-eight home games on twenty-two dates this season. The February 15 game will be in Sugar Land, UHV vs. TWU. We’ll open the season on January 25 against Doane College. Softball opens their season in February, with their first home game on February 20 against Texas Southern. Baseball and softball scheduled can be found online. Also, Convention and Visitors Bureau and Bill Janssen’s 2 companies have agreed to be co-title sponsors of this year’s Claud Jacobs UHV Golf Tournament. Sheilat Akapo has been named to the National Soccer Coaches Association of America/Continental Tire NAIA All-Southwest Region women’s soccer team.

    Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

    Submitted by: Kathy Walton