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9:30 A.M., August 28, 2013
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Bashaw, Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Niroomand, Olukoya, Rutzen, Salazar, Tart, Thomas, and Walyuchow

Absent: Rice

Representatives: Vera Akinkuoto, Student Life and Charles Alcorn, University Advancement

Guests: Genaro Cortez, Jill Fox, Tim Michalski, Kevin Myers, and Val Walden

I. Organization Business

--Dr. Castille introduced and welcomed Vera Akinkuoto as the Interim Director of Student Life & Services; Greg Rutzen as the Associate Vice President for University Advancement; Ronald Salazar as the new Faculty Senate Chair; and Harry Bashaw as the new Staff Council Chair.

--Dr. Cass moved and Dean Niroomand seconded to approve the minutes of July 24, as circulated.

II. Business

A. Policy Approvals

  • A-16 Telecommunication User Guidelines—Tim Michalski
    • A motion was made by Mr. Beran, seconded by Dr. Cass to approve the policy with amended changes. (Change: A Vice President’s approval will be required.)
    • Policy A-16 was approved by unanimous vote

  • B-7 Change Funds—Val Walden
    • A motion was made by Dr. Salazar, seconded by Dr. Akins to approve the policy as written.
    • Policy B-7 was approved by unanimous vote

  • B-11 Manually Produced Checks—Val Walden
    • A motion was made by Dr. Thomas, seconded by Mr. Beran to approve the policy with amended changes. (Change: Added wording that states this is not for payroll payments.)
    • Policy B-11 was approved by unanimous vote.
  • F-8 Foreign Travel—Val Walden
    • A motion was made by Dr. Akins, seconded by Dr. Cass to approve the policy as written.
    • Policy F-8 was approved by unanimous vote.

  • H-1 Facilities & Grounds Usage—Kevin Myers
    • A motion was made by Dr. Akins, seconded by Dr. Thomas to approve the policy as written.
    • Policy H-1was approved by unanimous vote.

  • C-18 Employee Training & Development—Laura Smith
    • A motion was made by Dr. Cass, seconded by Dr. Thomas to approve the policy as written.
    • Policy C-18 was approved by unanimous vote.

  • C-19 Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program—Genaro Cortez
    • A motion was made by Dr. Akins, seconded by Dr. Lambert to approve the policy with amended changes. (Change: Move “Health Risks” back as an attachment.)
    • Policy C-19 was approved by unanimous vote.

B. Enrollment Updates—Dr. Dene Thomas

-- Dr. Thomas provided the following enrollment figures:

  • Total headcount, as of August 28 was 4,601, 103% of budgeted headcount
  • Face-to-face classes in Victoria, 1,157--
    • 433 freshmen
    • 195 sophomores
    • 224 juniors
    • 286 seniors
    • 14 post post-baccalaureate
    • 5 graduate

-- Dr. Thomas said the “Zapped” list is still over 300 and that Billy Lagal’s team is working on contacting each of the new freshmen students on the list, and of course, the Bursar’s Office and the schools are working the lists as usual.

-- Dr. Castille acknowledged a job well done by Student Affairs, Student Services, and Academic Affairs during recruitment and registration. Unofficial figures show that UHV is ahead of our budgeted headcount for Fall 2013. He noted that UHV will delay the "Zap" date to give returning and new students more time to settle their financial aid packages and choose a payment plan.

C. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

--Dr. Lambert reported that student housing was at 461 reservations, 75% full with 149 vacancies.

--He encouraged the deans to make sure their faculty members are aware of the “Early Alert System” that helps to identify students with issues, especially the new underclassmen in the early weeks of their semester.

D. First Year Academic Experience—Dr. Keith Akins

Dr. Akins discussed UHV’s First Year Academic Experience and how this program provides incoming students with a welcoming, challenging and successful first year. On a handout he provided, he explained how the First Year Academic Experience program has two elements—First Year Seminar and the Community of Readers. With the First Year Seminar course and the Community of Readers, these programs enhance academic spirit among incoming freshmen and prepare them for their academic and professional life. The First Year Seminar is a 2 hour credit required course for freshmen and students entering the university with less than 30 credit hours. The Community of Readers program is designed to establish a common academic experience between first year students and the larger community by offering a common reading that provides cross-disciplinary perspectives, generates discussions and fosters the exchange of diverse ideas. He said there is a redesign planned for next year so that each section will be pair matched with a core course, not theory, but actual usage of items they are being taught. In closing, he thanked IT for their efforts this semester in making students aware of their presence and assistance in getting the students set up in their dorm rooms.

E. BAT (Behavior Assessment Team) Policy—Dr. Jay Lambert

Dr. Lambert reported that the recommended changes to the BAT policy were added and it has been posted for 10 days. A motion was made by Dr. Thomas, seconded by Dr. Salazar to approve the policy as written. Behavior Assessment Team (BAT) Policy was approved by unanimous vote.

F. SACS Compliance—Dr. Jill Fox

Dr. Fox said she has received confirmation that the UHV Compliance Assist web site has been locked down for the archiving of our Compliance Certification files. She said external reviewers have been positive of their feedback on our Compliance Audit material. She noted that 87% of those universities being audited are cited for noncompliance in standards related to Institutional Effectiveness and that UHV has worked hard to provide documentation of our processes in this area. There are some identified weaknesses in assessment of the core curriculum, faculty credentials, and online assessment. Dr. Fox shared a timeline of upcoming dates. She said all units should now be on a one- or two-year assessment cycle. The next assessment report and plan will be due in October 2014.

G. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

  • Dorms and Dining

Mr. Beran reported that two of the dorms are almost full and the third is approximately 50% full. UHV will need another dorm in three years according to enrollment projections. The first phase of renovations for the Jaguar Hall dining area has been completed and the second phase will begin next summer (adding more seating).

  • Technology Services

Mr. Beran stated that Joe Ferguson, Randy Faulk and Tim Michalski are working on digital displays for Victoria, Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, the dorms, and outside of Jaguar Hall. The software has been identified and the plans are to have this up and ready by the spring semester.

H. Other Items

Mr. Walyuchow said everything is ready for the August 28th Night for the Jaguar Event with Texas icon Nolan Ryan. He reported that $12,000 in sponsorships have been raised prior to the event. He thanked various members of the UHV staff for their assistant and community members for their sponsorships for this important university event. He also thanked Congressman Blake Farenthold for a U.S. flag that flew over the capital that will be auctioned off. He expressed his appreciation to Mumphord’s Place BBQ, Inc. for providing concessions. Mr. Walyuchow said there will be t-shirts for sale, 20-23 silent auction items and 7-8 live auction items for the Jaguar Event.

Dr. Alcorn said the Night for the Jaguar Event is a wonderful friend-raising opportunity that has put UHV on the community’s radar and they are getting excited about UHV. The compressed/summertime frame posed a bit of a challenge for soliciting and following up with the largest possible number of potential sponsors, but the enthusiastic response bodes well for future UHV fundraising efforts.

Ms. Cobler reminded everyone of the UHV Convocation scheduled for August 29th at Jaguar Hall. The guest speaker for the event is the Honorable Roger Welder from the UH Board of Regents. There will also be a photo opportunity for faculty and staff following the luncheon.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton