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9:30 A.M., September 26, 2012
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Lagal, Litton, Mehan, Neill, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Smith, Tart, Walyuchow, and West

Absent: Cass, Mundy

Guests: Genaro Cortez, Leslee Lee

  1. Organization Business

    --Ms. Norgard moved and Dean Niroomand seconded to approve the minutes of September 10, 2012, minutes as circulated.

  2. Guest

    --Genaro Cortez, Safety and Risk Manager, and Leslee Lee, Travel Analyst, reviewed with Cabinet members the changes to the UHV policy Index: F-2, Business Use of Vehicles. Mr. Cortez and Ms. Lee answered questions posed by Cabinet. Noted items were the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) evaluation procedure is now done electronically. All new hires will have MVR’s run on them. Noted was that MVR checks are required for prospective employees, consultants, and speakers if a rental a car is needed. Rental cars have to be reserved under the university’s name for F-2 policy to apply. If an employee or other users rent a car, the individual must personally pay up front to rent under the state contract. After some discussion, it was decided to strike any wording that deals with anyone other than employees from the F-2 policy. The wording for prospective employees, consultants, and speakers in this policy will be moved to the F-7 Prospective State Employee policy and brought back to Cabinet for review.

    A motion was made by Mr. Ferguson, seconded by Dr. Dahlstrom to approve the policy with the amended changes.

    Policy F-2 was approved by unanimous vote.

  3. Business

    1. President’s Report–Dr. Phil Castille
      • Legislative Budget Board Hearings
        Dr. Castille said he and the other UHS presidents met in Houston for the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) hearings in late September. UHV’s main item in our LAR is an Exceptional Item for the "full" cost of downward expansion, which we estimate at $88M, to include the cost of acquiring additional acreage as well as building new facilities. Dr. Castille said he felt our presentation was good and on target. UHV should hear back from LBB in late October and as the legislative review process continues to move forward.

      • Board of Regent’s Retreat
        Dr. Castille said the UH Presidents will each make a presentation at the BOR Retreat in mid October. Presidents will discuss their campus' "Progress Cards" and describe the main objective for their campus this year.

      • PRAB Meeting Request
        Dr. Castille reported that, at the last PRAB (President’s Regional Advisory Board) meeting, it was requested that he compare recent enrollment facts to projections that were made in planning for downward expansion back in 2008-09. Dr. Rice researched these figures and found that UHV was projected to have 162 full-time freshmen in Fall 2013; we actually enrolled 270.

      • UH Sugar Land
        Dr. Castille stated there had been some questions at UHV about the BOR's leasing acreage to the City of Sugar Land. The 52 acres leased are going to be for a community outdoor theatre and festival site, like Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park in Houston. He reminded the Cabinet that UH now owns the facilities and grounds at this site; therefore, UH handled all the negotiations with the City of Sugar Land and made the presentation to the Board of Regents in September (it was approved). UH Sugar Land has been approved by SACS as a "teaching center." Dean Litton said he appreciated the president's voicing UHV’s concerns as the UHSL site evolves.

    2. Academic Affairs–Dr. Jeff Cass

      --No report

    3. Facilities & Finance Updates–Wayne Beran
      • Academic and Economic Building
        Mr. Beran reported that 75% of the new Regional and Economic Building is dictated by the legislature; $8.5M of the $12M has already been ear marked for various programs that will be located in this new facility. Twelve architectural firms applied and five were interviewed. Mr. Beran said the architectural firm selected was Perkins + Will and Rawley McCoy & Associates. Mr. Beran said he felt good about the group of strong contractors that have applied; 13 applied with 5 being interviewed.

    4. Enrollment Updates–Chari Norgard
      • Enrollment
        Ms. Norgard said the registrar will be sending enrollment reports via email this afternoon. Student disenrollment was on September 20 and UHV had a small number disenrolled—65. They were: 11 freshmen, 3 sophomores, 10 juniors, 21 seniors and 20 graduates. By school breakdown: SoAS 30, SBA 23, SoEHD 11, and SoN had 1.

    5. Other Items

      Dean Litton said Dr. Elsa Leggett, UHV Associate Professor of Council, is the recipient of the 2012 Dr. Jamesanna Kirven Outstanding Professor of Counselor Award by the Texas Counseling Association. She is scheduled to receive the award at their conference in Galveston on November 15. He invited everyone to attend the School of Education & Human Development 2012 Fall Symposium, Emotional Intelligence: Improving Retention and Academic Success on October 3 at 5:30 p.m. in the Alcorn Auditorium.

      Dr. Dahlstrom reminded everyone of the VC/UHV Banned Books Week the first week of October. Every year, groups across the country celebrate Banned Books Week to raise awareness to censorship, free speech, First Amendment rights, and the freedom to read. This is the library’s 4th year to participate in Banned Books Week and it’s the 30th year for the event.

      Mr. Ferguson asked about the dorm occupancy issue. In response, Dr. Castille said there were some reporting glitches to work out with American Campus Communities on the way they figure room occupancy. Actually as it turns out, Jaguar Hall had a high 80% fill rate and Jaguar Court was 70% filled.

      Mr. Lagal announced the Staff Council was again hosting the Parking Spot Raffle.

    Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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