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9:30 A.M., July 25, 2012
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Castille, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Litton, Mehan, Mundy, Nelson, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Tart, Walyuchow, West

Absent: Akins, Smith

Faculty Senate Representative: Ron Salazar

Marketing Representative: Jeremy Shapiro

  1. Organization Business

    --Dr. Cass moved and Dean Niroomand seconded to approve the minutes of July 11, 2012 as circulated.

  2. Business

    1. President’s Report–Dr. Phil Castille

      --Dr. Castille welcomed Dr. Uppinder Mehan, Associate Provost, as a new member of President’s Cabinet. He welcomed Dr. Ron Salazar, incoming Vice President of the Faculty Senate, who attended in place of Dr. Keith Akins. He announced today’s meeting would be the last meeting for Lawrence Nelson, Staff Council President. Billy Lagal will be the incoming President for Staff Council.

      Dr. Ron Salazar, speaking for Faculty Senate, expressed pleasure in Dr. Castille’s leadership and said that faculty are extremely grateful for his support and advocacy.

      --Dr. Castille announced he was coming up on his 1-year anniversary, and he has had wonderful cooperation with shared governance this past year. He said he appreciated their commitment to healthy cooperation and open communication with him and the administration. He reiterated that downward expansion has caused many UHV employees to wear multiple hats and to take on additional duties, but the campus has stepped up to meet the challenge. Dr. Castille said all faculty are now compensated at the 90% CUPA range, which is a remarkable attainment during a tight-budget era. Also, unlike other universities, UHV has not had to curtail hiring or require layoffs of faculty or staff. Instead, merit raises were made available by UHV this year, which helped to offset the lack of raises in the previous year.

      --Dr. Castille said the real success story is that UHV made the right move at the right time with downward expansion. Although a difficult, costly, and trying undertaking, it has generated new revenues and state formula funding that have helped to offset state cuts to higher education budgets. These new revenues have helped to keep the UHV community together while other campuses have had to cut personnel. However, downward expansion remains a work in progress. He challenged everyone to step up in the last few weeks of summer to ensure continuing success for this effort.

      --Another terrific achievement for UHV is the new agreement with Houston Community College-Katy Campus. UHV will offer a dozen undergraduate classes and a graduate class this fall. A reverse articulation agreement has just been signed, an effort led successfully by Dr Jeff Cass. We hope to expand our offerings and programs there in coming semesters.

      --Dr. Castille said he and others had met with the architects and consultant team for final plans for Jaguar Suites. There will be a groundbreaking with the Chancellor on August 30 and requested a good attendance crowd for this and other events planned for this date. Jag Suites is planned to open a year from now and will bring our total number of beds to more than 600.

      --Dr. Castille announced that “All for One–One for All” faculty, staff, and administration campaign, has nearly hit $100,000, and all time record. The University will match this employee contribution, bringing total giving to about $190,000. Leading the 'All for One' fundraising was an endowed professorship set up as a memorial for the Vassudeo “Ron” Sardessai. Dr Castille commended Dean Farhang Niroomand of SoBA for his leadership in going beyond all expectations in raising funds for this endowment.

    2. Academic Affairs–Dr. Jeff Cass

      --Dr. Cass announced that 242 have enrolled, plus 5 for summer, as first-time freshmen. He feels continuous enrollment has helped us by 30% in our enrollment figures. Those students that didn’t make it to Passport Days were contacted. Currently we have 10 or 11 that will be at the last Passport Day from this group.

      --More applications are coming in; he projects we’ll have 260-270 students. There are 124 returning students, 66 sophomore students, and a student total of 430.

      -- After August 10, dorm rooms will be offered to Victoria College students.

      --Dr. Cass announced UHV’s sign at the Sugar Land Skeeters’ field is a huge sign at center field.

      Ms. West said Chancellor Khator will be throwing out the first pitch at the UHV night at Skeeters’ Field. She said the chancellor would like to see a date for a UHV day/night football or soccer game at UH.

      --UHV is working on more programs in the Katy area–more updates later.

      --Dr. Cass announced, thanks to the Budget Committee, student life is looking up. In trying to improve the quality of student life for our students, a small room in Jaguar Hall is being turned into a fitness room with 6 machines that will be open to residents. The pool will be ready by fall and there will be a Snack Shack at the 11:59 Lounge run by student workers starting this fall.

    3. Facilities & Finance–Wayne Beran

      • Student Transportation

        --Mr. Beran announced that UHV will start with 3-10 passenger buses. Each bus will be equipped with a lift. Marketing is working on a design for the busses. Drivers for these buses will be students. The bus route will be north down Ben Wilson, Ben Wilson west to Ben Jordan, south on Ben Jordan to Business Highway 59, and back to the dorms.

      • Parking Decals

        --Everyone’s parking decals are expiring in August. In celebration of UHV’s 40th anniversary, new logos will be used on the replacement decals. Mr. Beran said the 400 employee and 400 student decals on vehicle all over town will serve as an advertisement for UHV.

      • Finance

        --Mr. Beran said the chancellor asked to review the Administrative Statement, Special Items, and Exceptional Item in the Legislative Appropriations Request. UHV will be requesting $88M in Tuition Revenue Bonds.

    4. Enrollment Updates–Chari Norgard

      • Student Housing

        --Ms. Norgard reported to date we have received 175 housing deposits for Jaguar Hall (66% capacity) and 88 deposits for Jaguar Court (54% capacity).

        --UHV will continue to enforce dorm living for their freshman and sophomore students, unless they have a waiver. Any students found not living in the dorm or having a signed exemption waiver on file, will be disenrolled on August 10.

      • Passport Day

        --The final UHV Passport Day is scheduled for August 10. There are 30+ students signed up to attend already.

      • Enrollment

        --Headcount currently is at 3,195, compared to last year at 3,340. The total Semester Credit Hours (SCH) is currently at 28,802, 79.0% of the budgeted SCH.

      • Financial Aid

        --There were 3,904 applications for financial aid with 2,210 students awarded aid. This will be the first time in a long time that UHV has disbursed financial aid 7 days prior to the first class day. Approximately $7 M in grants, $21.6 M loans, $35,000 for work study have been awarded so total approximately $29 M has been awarded and approximately $18 M accepted. Ms. Norgard said final grades are due on the 13th and requested that faculty get their summer grades in on time because financial aid cannot move forward on Return of Title IV and SAP eligibility for some students until grades are in. Late grade submission could impact financial aid disbursement for the fall.

      • Veterans Principals of Excellence

        Ms. Norgard said System legal will do a response concerning the Veterans Principals of Excellence that will cover all campuses. Depending on the response, there may be some items we do not have in place that will need to be addressed. A discussion followed on the possible need for a Veterans Office or a Veterans Officer assigned to Enrollment Management.

    5. Other Items

      Dr. Salazar said that he is assisting with the Strategic Plan and that time is of the essence. We are going to use an innovative approach and make use of what is already on the books and begin with our existing plan and ask for changes. This will be done on-line and when you receive an email, he encouraged everyone to participate.

      Dean Tart asked if and when there was going to be a Fort Bend convocation. Dr. Rice responded that a date has not been confirmed yet, but plans are to schedule it for sometime near the end of September or beginning of October.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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