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9:30 A.M., September 28, 2011
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Castille, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Mundy, Nelson, Niroomand, Prince, Rice, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, and Walyuchow

Absent: Akins, Bergstrom, Norgard

Faculty Senate Representative: Jane Devick Fry

Marketing Representative: Cobler, Cooke

I. Organizational Business

--Dr. Smith moved and Dean Tart seconded to approve the minutes of September 14, 2011 as presented.

II. Business

A. Dr. Castille

1. Organizational Changes
Dr. Castille announced he had appointed Dr. Margaret Rice to the position of Interim Associate Vice President for Community Relations, which will include oversight of the offices of University Advancement and Marketing and Communication. She will keep her title as Chief of Staff, and including oversight of Special Events. This appointment will be for a year, during which a national search for a Vice President for University Advancement could commence. UHV's current priority is recruiting a new provost.

2. Follow-up on SACS Preparation
Dr. Castille requested everyone’s cooperation in working with Dr. Rossow and Dr. Fox in their new roles in the Provost’s office for the upcoming SACS accreditation cycle. The SACS accreditation requirements have changed since the last visit. One major change is the Quality Enhancement Program (QEP). Dr. Rossow and Dr. Fox will be attending the upcoming SACS/COC Conference in preparation for developing the best QEP possible.

3. Meet the Leaders Luncheon
In Emily Bergstrom's absence, Dr. Castille reminded everyone of the "Meet the Leaders" luncheon on October 5, in the Multi-Purpose Room. This Student Senate hosted event will provide an opportunity for students to interact with the UHV faculty and staff leaders.

4. UHV Master Plan
Dr. Castille will speak at the Wednesday luncheon group along with Chancellor Khator. His topic of discussion is the need for a new academic building for UHV. A 2015 Master Plan Committee is being established with representatives from the city, county, faculty, staff and System to look into the short and long term issues regarding capital projects at UHV.

B. Marketing Policy–Paula Cobler

Ms. Cobler brought back to Cabinet the A-42 Marketing, Communications and Creative Services policy after incorporating suggestions from the previous meeting and the president. Policy A-42 will now be posted for the mandatory 10-day review. She reviewed the shared policy, noting the changes. It was requested the Photo Release form be hyperlinked for ease of usage. Ms. Cobler said the responsibility for the university’s image lies in the Marketing Department, as assigned by the President. After a brief discussion, Dr. Castille said he has charged the Marketing Department with the overseeing of the university’s brand. The home page and the secondary pages are the responsibility of Marketing. Ms. Cobler will incorporate the web site responsibility into this policy in the future or develop a new policy. The last sentence under the Policy section states, “…all marketing and communication materials for UH System Centers in Fort Bend County will be designated UHS rather than UHV and have a separate approval process.” It was requested that a link be added when the policy is developed.

Dr. Castille said by centralizing our Marketing, he wants everyone to be creative but that he wants everything reviewed before it goes out. He requested that everyone work together on this. He said that Chancellor Khator will be taking to the November Board of Regents meeting a proposal for the University of Houston System at Sugar Land to be reconstituted as a UH center. New programs from UH will come in, but UHV’s programs will continue to serve students too.

A motion was made by Dr. Prince, seconded by Mr. Beran to approve the policy as written.
Policy A-42 was approved with a unanimous vote.

C. Academic Affairs Update–Dr. Don Smith

Dr. Smith said the Faculty Manual is nearing completion. As he has indicated before, the utmost important issue this semester is the improvement of the student response rate for evaluation of courses. The Academic Council has discussed this issue at length and has explored what other institutions are doing to see what may have worked for them. Dr. Smith said the Provost Council will review the UHV academic program proposals for a BBA Finance and a MSN in Family Nursing.

Dean Tart said she was approached by Lone Star College System about an RN to BSN completion program on their Woodlands campus. She is working on this through Dr. Marshal Schott, and since there is already an articulation with Lone Star College, the cohort would start this summer. For the first time, employers and alumni evaluations surveys are being sent out through Evidence Benchmark, Inc. in November.

Dean Niroomand announced the School of Business Administration will be hosting a workshop on October 6 with INVISTA. This all day Market-Based Management seminar will be led by Dr. Tony Woodlief. He thanked Amy Mundy for her assistance in getting this arranged.

Dean Prince said she attended a Coordinating Board/TEA meeting of the Deans of Arts & Sciences and Education. There was discussion of the CB requirement of having outside reviewers for all Master's degrees. The Texas Education Agency sent out questionnaires to principals in Texas requesting information on the preparation of teachers by their accrediting universities. A report will be ready in February. She noted that assessment of our accreditation work is a big investment of time by faculty. In closing, she said the school is reviewing recruitment plans and looking at new ways to reach potential students.

Dean Di Leo reported he is very excited about working with Houston Community College on a 2+2 program in computer gaming and simulation. Currently there are around 200 students in the HCC program. Dean Di Leo invited cabinet members to the next ABR Reading Series guest speaker, Michael O'Brien on October 13. A reception will be hosted in honor of Mr. O'Brien at the home of Ms. Virginia Welder. The Arts & Sciences Faculty Symposium continues today at 4:00 with Dr. Keith Akins speaking about his undercover research on the Ku Klux Klan. He invited everyone to attend these functions saying a lot of very talented faculty are participating in these events.

Dr. Devick Fry said the Provost Search Committee will be conducting phone interviews in October and by the end of the month will be ready to discuss campus visits with the president. Campus visits will be scheduled for November.

D. Finance & Student Housing–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported the sophomore housing project has been approved by the Board of Regents and the Coordinating Board. We have the architects and a contractor on board and should see some activity around the middle of spring. Completion date for this project is May 2013. He said UHV and Wharton County are paying for 5000 sq ft of the Ft Bend County library on the Sugar Land Campus so higher education students can utilize that library. UHV's part is $750,000 additional money for the library. Mr. Beran said Malcolm Davis and his group will be coming to UHV to go over the UHV procedures in lieu of the shooting incident at Victoria College (VC).

Dr. Castille asked Mr. Beran to send out an email concerning the shooting incident. He said VC did an excellent job of apprehending the shooter. Dr. Castille and other UHV representives visited with Dr. Butler and VC members concerning this incident. Mr. Beran is serving on a task force to address issues pertaining to emergency issues. The goal is a simultaneous communication for both campuses and Citizen Hospital in case of emergency situations.

E. Other Item Reports

Dr. Castille announced he was pleased with the Victoria convocation event. He said convocation is about students and by arranging for them to be front and center in the audience, it did just what we wanted it to do. The free book bags were well received. Sound quality was an issue and is being addressed. Some feedback on the event was reported, but it was noted that we need to get better feedback.

Ms. L. Smith said it was performance evaluation time and she would be sending notices in the next couple of weeks.

Dr. Rice shared information concerning an invitation to a Lone Star College System – Employee Graduate Fair. This information will be shared with deans for recruiting purposes.

Mr. Nelson reported the Staff Council will be exploring their next step and moving forward on two issues. The president encouraged Staff Council to discuss these issues since there are legal ramifications that must be taken into consideration. The survey is just to confirm that staff wants Staff Council to move forward with work from home and child day care.

Meeting was adjourned at: 11:05 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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