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9:30 A.M., July 27, 2011
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Bergstrom, Devick-Fry, Di Leo, Ferguson, Harrison, Mundy, Niroomand, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, D. Smith, Tart

Absent: Dahlstrom, Rice, Rossow, L. Smith, Walyuchow

Marketing Representative: Cobler

I. Organizational Business

--The June 8, 2011 minutes were approved as written.

II. Business

Dr. Smith introduced Emily Bergstrom, UHV Student Senate President, to the cabinet members.

A. Student Housing/Regency Update–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported UHV is rapidly moving along in converting the Regency Inn to UHV’s newest dorm, Jaguar Court. The American Campus Community workers conducting the remodel have kept the remodel process moving along. The first floor has been vacated and cleaned, beds have been ordered and should be in this week, an order for all furniture has been placed, and 53 air units have been purchased. The 2 major issues we are facing are: the upper floor stairway has to be examined by a structural engineer (flooring has been removed and will need to be replaced); the wiring for all new fire alarms and new cables. Mr. Beran said Jaguar Court is going to be very nice and will be equal to Jaguar Hall except for the dining hall. Occupancy date is scheduled for August 19th. Mr. Beran introduced Mr. Tim Michalski as the new Director of Business Services. When questioned about Jaguar Court Mr. Beran said there will be 170 student occupancy compared to the 252 at Jaguar Hall. Mr. Beran closed by saying that Jaguar Hall dining is working on a reduced meal plan for the fall semester for sophomores.

B. Annual Plan–Dr. Don Smith and Mr. Wayne Beran

Dr. Smith reported he had presented the draft version of UHV’s Annual Plan to Chancellor Khator and other System administrators about a month ago and the plan will go to the Board of Regents (BOR) in August. He reported he does not expect any issues.

Dean Niroomand requested an addition be added to Priority 2: National Competitiveness concerning the SBA 2010 accreditation.

There was a brief discussion on grant writing for faculty and staff.

C. Provost Search–Dr. Don Smith and Dr. Jane Devick Fry

Dr. Smith and Dr. Devick Fry announced the ad for the provost position at UHV is out and the first meeting will be next week. Members of the Provost Search Committee: Faculty--Jane Devick Fry (SoEHD), Chair of the Search Committee; Keith Akins (SoAS), President of the Faculty Senate; Yun Wan (SoAS); Ron Salazar (SBA); Roy Foley (SoEHD); Shainy Varghese (SoN); Farhang Niroomand (SBA), Dean; Staff--Chari Norgard, Associate Vice President (AVP) for Student Affairs; Joe Dahlstrom, Senior Director of Libraries; Darlene Pullin, Budget Director; Student–Emily Bergstrom, President of the Student Senate.

D. Chari Norgard

Enrollment Updates

Ms. Norgard reported on enrollment--2,025 freshmen applications have been received, of which 828 have been accepted, 138 have registered, 28 are signed up for the remaining freshman registrations thus far. When questioned about a realistic number of freshmen for fall Ms. Norgard said realistically she expects about 200-250 but hoping for more. Ms. Norgard said once the fall semester starts her staff will be contacting students to see if they can determine what has changed from this past fall in respect to enrollment. Dr. Di Leo commented that even though the numbers are lower than expected we are basically ahead by 50% of enrollment compared to this time last year. Currently there are 77 new sophomores. There are 446 students on the firm list–this number includes sophomores. Ms. Norgard reported that Jaguar Hall had 218 freshmen last fall and 187 of those students returned in the spring semester. She said 98 of the original freshmen will return this fall, giving us a 45% retention rate thus far. Ms. Heinold and Ms. Koch are conducting face to face exit interviews with the students. They will be trying to gather more information and data to see why some freshmen opted not to return to UHV. There was a brief discussion on possibly charging a registration fee in the future to eliminate students that are just registering with no real plans to attend UHV. She said she will be bringing forward an application fee and a deadline. The fee could then be credited back to the student in the first semester. There will be a UHV Housing and Dining Services Committee consisting of approximately 12 members to propose and review policies and procedures pertaining housing and student dining, propose new initiatives and advise the AVP for Student Affairs and Budget Committee on student housing and dining issues, and provide regular updates to the university community on student housing and student dining. The committee will report to Ms. Norgard. Mr. Ferguson requested that a member of the IT Department be included on this committee.

Fiscal Year 2012 Holiday Schedule

Ms. Norgard shared a handout of the proposed fiscal year 2012 UHS holiday schedule consisting of 13 days. Dean Tart made the motion to approve the holiday schedule; Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion.

E. Social Media Policy–Paula Cobler

Ms. Cobler, Interim Director of Marketing and Communications, is working on a social media policy for UHV and shared a copy of the UH Social Media Policy with cabinet members. A discussion followed on the need for a process for developing and tracking the number of Facebook pages tied to UHV. It was requested to contain general etiquette. Dean Tart stated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), needs to be listed in the Social Media policy. This issue and policy will be brought back to cabinet. It was suggested that training at new employee and student orientation include the risk awareness for those who use Facebook/Twitter of what is appropriate and what the expectations of the university are.

F. UHV Presence in Ft. Bend Area–Dr. Don Smith

Dr. Smith said Chancellor Khator requested that UHV not expand its presence at the UHSSL campus, though how best to respond remains to be worked out, since the UH System must continue to address the growing demand in that area. Ms. Cobler is working on marketing with Mr. Phillips and with Ms. Karen Clarke at UH. Marketing will focus more on programs available through the UH System rather than on the individual universities delivering the programs. Dr. Smith noted that Nursing is engaged with UHCL and UHD in developing a consortium approach to the delivery of a common Nursing program to the Houston area.

G. Other Item Reports

Dean Di Leo reported that the publishing program has 22 new students this fall from all over the country. The target was 10 students for the first year. The first Hispanic literary journal in the country, edited by Dagoberto Gilb, is about to be completed.

Dean Tart reported the school’s new space is wonderful. The SoN is planning an open house. She said all the UHV nursing equipment that has been located at Victoria College is being moved back to UHV. The new lab was funded by the Johnson Foundation. There was a discussion on the collaborative effort in Nursing; Dean Tart stated this collaborative does not include the Main Campus only the other 3 campuses.

Ms. Mundy reminded everyone of the upcoming August 23rd Night for Jaguar fund raiser for the Athletics Department.

Dean Niroomand said he has several individuals at the Sugar Land campus in need of an office.

Mr. Harrison said that Staff Council elections are underway. It is time again for the Parking Spot Donation. He said that instead of a food drive the Staff Council will host a fan drive through the end of August.

Ms. Norgard said Lynn Silkey in her office is in need of our help and support. Her husband, Brian, had a liver transplant and has been fighting a viral infection and has been hospitalized in San Antonio on numerous occasions. To help defray some of their expenses, a group of university employees will be hosting a bar-b-que fundraiser and bake sale on August 27th.

Meeting was adjourned at: 11:25 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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