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Monthly Verification

Finance Monthly Verification InfoLast Reviewed Date::
Monthly Verification Asset Liability Accts06/04/12
Monthly Verification Managers Checklist10/09/13
Monthly Verification Steps for UHV08/19/15
Monthly Verification Process Guidelines08/19/15
Appendix A - Cost Center Verification Log07/16/15
Interoffice Memo Template11/19/12
Monthly Verification Form - Unbudgeted Fund Equity Resolution10/09/13
Monthly Verification Form - Comparison/Explanation10/09/13
this includes:
  • what the Verification Form figures mean
  • Payroll comparison to the Verification Form
  • How to find Unbudgeted Fund Equity Imbalances

Finance Monthly Verification ReportsLast Reviewed Date:
ù  1074 (UGLS 1074-Monthly Verification) Report01/22/14
     1063 (UGLS 1063) Report10/30/13
    UGLS016 Report10/22/14
ù  Report - UNposted Vouchers02/05/14

Payroll/Finance Monthly Verification ReportsLast Reviewed Date:
v  BOB Report10/09/13
     Journal Detail Report10/09/13
     Labor Distribution Report10/09/13
t  Payroll Account Report10/09/13
     Payroll Verification10/09/13

ù - required for M/E verifications
v - needed only if you have payroll items to verify
t - needed only if you have payroll in a local cost center