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Listing of Financial Job Aids

Budget Overview



Document Imaging Attaching Documents

Document Imaging Deleting Attached Documents

Journal Budget for Making Revenue Spendable

Journal Budget for Position Transfer Funds Across CC

Journal Budget for Position Transfer Funds Same CC

Journal Budget Transfer Exercises

Journal Budget Transfer Funds Across CCs

Journal Budget Transfer Funds Same CC

Journal Entry Positive vs Negative

Journal GL Copy Down Files

Journal GL Delete

Journal GL Entry

Journal GL ProCard

Journal GL WorkFlow SetUp in Financial Production

Monthly Verification Asset Liability Accts

Monthly Verification Managers Checklist

Monthly Verification Steps for UHV

Monthly Verification Process Guidelines

Navigation Personalization

Notify Process

Payment Status by Vendor Short Name

Payment Status by Voucher ID

Payroll Verification

PeopleSoft Financial Procedures

PS Favorites Options

PS New Windows

Purchase Order Status LookUp

Purchase Requisition LookUp

Purchase Requisition LookUp Status

Query AccountsPayable list

Query Notes

Query Sample Queries using Account and Account Type Fields

Query-Save Public as Private

Report 1063

Report 1063 Keys

Report 1074

Report NONposted Voucher Report

Report Run Control ID Delete

Report Shortcuts to Viewing

Report to Print PO Receiving Report

Report Unposted Voucher Report



Search for Chartfield by Description

Search for CostCenterAndSpeedType

Search for Journal G/L

Search for Signature Authority

Search for Signature Authority by Proj_Grt

Search for SpeedType

Search for Vendor Hold Status

Search for Vendor ID

Search for Voucher

Search for Voucher Payment Status by Voucher ID

SetUp for Forgotten Password Question

SetUp for WorkFlow in Financial Production

Voucher Comments Requirements

Voucher Create Local Travel Voucher

Voucher Create Memberships-Registrations-Subscriptions

Voucher Create PO

Voucher Create Regular

Voucher Delete

Voucher Electronic Approval

Voucher Workflow

Voucher Life Cycle

Voucher Minimum Entries to Save Work

Voucher Print a Coversheet

Voucher Tips


Miscellaneous Job Aids

Accounts within Budget Categories

Adjustments - where to find instructions

AP journal drill down


Directions to Business Park

Directions to UH Downtown


Monthly Verif Form Unbudg Fund Equity Comp


PS Account Codes

Requisitions Entering FY2013 in FY2014

Revenue Account Index

Source Listing