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General Ledger Journals

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Debit Vs. Credit (which should I use?)06/16/15
For correcting a voucher that has already been posted (must appear on 1074 first)
  • as the second part of moving budgeted monies from one;
  • cost center to another;
  • part of deposit processing;
  • reimbursing another cost center/department for expenses;
Back-up, will need forms 1063.2, or 1074.1, or 1074.3b:
to create a GL Entry12/10/12
Attaching Documents06/25/13
to Delete a GL journal10/03/13
to Copy a GL Journal10/03/13
to enter Default ProCard charges02/14/08
to Search for & Display an existing entry10/03/13
Creating 998 Journal Entries07/08/14
How to pay Facility Sales Invoice06/26/13


Period 998 FAQs09/18/12
AP journal drill down10/03/13
How to copy down lines in a GL Journal04/02/14
Revenue and Expense Transfer Chart11/18/05
Transfer Exercises11/16/05
Set Up Forgotten Password Question07/06/06
Set Up Workflow for GL Journals12/11/12