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Controlled Budget Inquiry N/A

Account # & CC Chartfield by Description10/08/13
CCs-all in a deptCost Center02/10/14
G/L journals G/L Journal Entry12/06/12
Managers for regular CCs Signature Authority by Program02/10/14
Managers for Grants/Projs Signature Authority by Project/Grant02/11/14
SpeedTypeSpeed Type10/09/13
Vendor Ids (for DBAs also)Vendor Id10/09/13
Vendor Hold/Ordering StatusSearch for Vendor Hold Status10/28/14
Existing Voucher DisplayVoucher10/09/13
Payment Inquiry by Check Payment Status by Check Number10/09/13
Payment Status of vouchers Voucher Payment Status10/09/13

Query Section:
Accounts Payable Queries List - frequently used queries03/31/14
Account List - List of Asset, Liabilities, Fund Equity, Revenue, & Expense Accounts in PeopleSoft10/07/13
Query: How to Save Public as Private10/09/13
Query: How to Schedule a Query with Prompts 01/27/15
Query Notes10/09/13
Sample Queries using Account and Account Type Fields10/09/13
Run Query to check eligible payments to HUB vendors10/09/13

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