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Cost Centers

To add/delete cost centers, please contact Whitney Faskas, at

or contact Karen Sanders, at

For information on cost center makeup, see the job aid Cost Center Org.

For more detailed information about cost center make up, please vist: UH Finance.

Based on the change needed, please choose from the following:

  1. Cost Center Action
    • Inactivate Existing Cost Center
    • Create New Cost Center (Existing Chartfield Values)
    • Create New Cost Center (New Chartfield Values Required*)
  2. Program Action
    • Inactivate Existing Program
    • Create New Program - Leave Program field blank
    • Change Program Manager
  3. Project/Grant Action
    • Inactivate Existing Project
    • Create New Project
    • Change Project Manager
    • Other: _____________________
  4. Manager Change

To view more forms in Budget, visit:

UHV Budget website