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Travel Voucher

Travel vouchers are submitted electronically in PeopleSoft.

  1. Obtain the claimant's signature on the Local Funded - Travel Expense Report Form, Mileage Only Reporting From, or State of Texas Travel Voucher Form.
  2. Create a travel voucher in PeopleSoft. See the UHV Travel Guide and PS Finance Voucher Job aid for locally funded vouchers or the UHV State Funded Travel Guide for state funded vouchers
  3. Scan all pages of supporting documentation and attach in PeopleSoft as one document. Include the following:

    • Local Funds: signed Local Funded Travel Expense Form or Mileage Only Reporting Form
    • State Funds: signed State of Texas Travel Voucher Form
    • Paid receipts for traveler-paid airfare, lodging, rental car, registration fees, etc.
    • Paid receipts for traveler-paid incidental expenses unless expenses claimed using per diem for incidental expenses
    • Paid receipts for traveler-paid meals only if required by the department cost center manager
    • Paid receipts for all UHV paid expenses
    • Schedule of GSA Per Diem rates if reimbursement includes meals or if includes lodging paid with state funds
    • Web based mapping schedules for (eg. yahoo maps) if mileage is claimed.
    • The Travel Request
  4. Submit in electronic workflow using the source for the department from which cost center the voucher is paid unless the claimant is the cost center manager. In this case, submit in electronic workflow using the source for the higher authority for that department. See Sources with Approvers and Alternate Approvers.
  5. Keep original documents in your department.


Leslee Lee
Travel Specialist
fax 361-580-5512


Kathy Caylor
Sr. Accounting Analyst
fax 361-580-5512