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Financial Security Issues

Finance Application Security Policy-UHV (pdf)

UHS Finance System Security Policy (UH Victoria)

  1. The Request for UHS Finance System Access form is required for Inquiry and Update access to the UHS Finance System. It must be signed by the Employee and the Employees Manager. UHS Financial System access will not be granted until there is an Active Financial System Empl ID.
  2. Link to UHS Finance System Request Form (FS001):


    The form must be filled out, signed as required, and then forwarded to Finance, Attn. PeopleSoft Security.

  3. A PeopleSoft Empl ID number is assigned to each person. Empl IDs and passwords are not to be shared with others.
  4. All UHS Finance System users are required to change their password every 60 days.
  5. UHS Finance System passwords are case sensitive. The password must be at least ten (10) characters in length and must contain at least one (1) number.
  6. After three (3) unsuccessful attempts to sign on to the UHS Finance System, the Empl ID will be locked out. Users should use the Forgot your Password link to obtain a temporary password.
  7. UHS Finance System Empl IDs will be locked out after six (6) months of inactivity.
  8. UHS Finance System Empl IDs will be inactivated upon termination.
  9. An annual security review of the UHS Finance System Security access will be sent to the Division Business Managers for review and correction.
  10. Questions regarding PeopleSoft Financial Security can be directed to the General Accounting Manager 361-570-4852.