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Q & A Voucher Workflow

  1. Q: What will the creator do if the voucher has multiple cost centers and needing multiple signatures?
  2. A: Because only one cost center manager can approve vouchers electronically, the creator must obtain the other approval from whoever owns the cost center. The creator can obtain the other signature by e-mail, memo, or manually signed vouchers. The back-up must be included with the scanned document and attached to the voucher before it gets submitted to workflow. See Tips and Tricks on submitting vouchers for additional approval.

  3. Q: When a voucher is denied for corrections, who gets the notification, and does the process begin all over again?
  4. A: There is an automatic notification sent to creator through PeopleSoft each time vouchers are denied. As soon as the creator made the changes on the voucher, the process of submitting the voucher electronically starts all over again.

    Voucher à Creator à Department Approver à AP

  5. Q: What do we do with the signed vouchers if it were now approved electronically?
  6. A: The signed copy needs to be scanned and attached to voucher in PeopleSoft before it gets submitted for electronic approval. Also, it is the departmental responsibility to keep the original invoices or copies of signed vouchers for back-up.

  7. Q: How is the department approver made aware there are vouchers needing their approval?
  8. A: It was suggested to all department approvers to log-in to PeopleSoft at least once a day to review their worklist if vouchers are pending for their approval. Also, if vouchers are critically in need of approval the creator can notify the department approver. Note: There is a notify button inside PeopleSoft vouchers. See link to Notify Process job aid.

  9. Q: Can the department approver access and approve vouchers in PeopleSoft off-campus?
  10. A: Yes, they can approve vouchers remotely when logging in through VPN Connection.

    Please refer to:

  11. Q: Can we add/attach document to the voucher anytime?
  12. A: Yes, anyone can add/attach documents to the voucher anytime. Note: the last person who updates the voucher, his/her username will show up below the status field.

  13. Q: Can the department approver create voucher?
  14. A: No, the department approver can only reconcile, verify, add comments inside approval page, and approve vouchers.

  15. Q: If the department approver denied the voucher, but would like to add comments on it how can they do this?
  16. A: There is a "comment" field at the bottom of the approval page where the department approver can add comment(s) anytime. Also, there are two ways the department approver can enter comments:

    1. If the department approver is about to take the action to deny (or approve) the voucher, but first would like to add comments on it, he/she can do so without selecting the save button. The comment(s) will then be saved automatically once the "apply button" action is selected.
    2. If the department approver has applied an action to the voucher, but would like to go back and add comments on it, he/she can do so by entering the comment(s) and selecting the "save button" to ensure that the comments will show up inside the "comment history."

    Note: Comments need to be clear and professional.

  17. Q: Is there a way to track the voucher process when it is submitted to workflow?
  18. A: Yes, under "Approval History" table just below the approval page the user can check the status of the voucher. Also, a query can be run to see the detail status of the voucher process.

    Query names:

    UHV_WF_AP (AP voucher approval history)

    UHV_WF_AP_NOT_POSTED (AP vouchers not posted)

    UHV_WF_AP_DENY_WITH_COMMENT (AP vouchers deny with comment)

    UHV_WF_AP_USER_ACTIVITY (AP voucher activity by user)

    See Tips and Tricks on how to view query

  19. Q: Is it possible to have alternate approver for the source?
  20. Yes, the department manager will determine who will be their alternate approver. See the list for voucher creators and approvers.