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Required Scanned Documents for PROCARD

  • Signed Expense Report for billing cycle period refer to UHV Policy B-1 for the information on required signatures
  • Itemized receipt(s) that reflect relevant details for each item purchased as per ProCard Manual definition of Supporting Documentation; if the receipt does not the identify detail, then document receipt with the information
  • Credit memos or documentation to reflect the credit memo
  • Documentation on discrepancies between itemized receipt and Expense Report (if applicable)
  • Documentation if sales tax is included in payment (if applicable)
  • Emails from program administrator temporarily increasing purchasing limit (if applicable)
  • Affidavit of Lost Receipt (if applicable) refer to ProCard Manual
  • Disputed charges documentation (if applicable)
  • Other documentation as required by ProCard manual (if applicable)
  • Block out all security sensitive information before uploading see Attaching Documents job aid for more information
  • Job Aid on how to upload Expense Report in PeopleSoft can be found here.

Information must be uploaded to PeopleSoft by the 15th of each month as per ProCard Manual. PeopleSoft will allow multiple cycle months with same cycle year to be uploaded