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Purchase Order Vouchers

Invoices and supporting documentation should be attached to the voucher in PeopleSoft. Attaching documents job aid can help with the process. The required documents for a purchase order voucher are:


  • Invoice should include a remit-to address, description and amount
  • Make necessary adjustments to invoice total due or additional notes prior to attaching in PeopleSoft
  • Make sure the invoice received date and merchandise received date are documented prior to attaching in PeopleSoft
  • Make a note on an invoice if it is not an original

Receiving Report

  • Attach the signed and dated receiving report to document the merchandise and date received. Refer to the Note section on the job aid link (link below) on how to fill out the Receiving Report.
  • Link to the job aid to Print PO Receiving Report Print Receiving Report

Property Tag Information (if applicable)

  • Information needed to data enter UHV property: tag number, serial number and responsible person; Refer to UHV Administrative Policies and Procedures H-2, Property Management


    Security sensitive information should be hidden prior to attaching documentation to PeopleSoft. Security sensitive information includes Social Security Number, Federal ID Number, Check Routing Number, Checking Account Number, Credit Card Number Date of Birth and Driver's License Number. Inactivating a document does not make it secured. Contact Finance staff if you have questions.