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General Ledger Journals

Correction journals

  • UGLS1074.3b circling the incorrect posting - in most cases this should be only 1 page.

Fund equity transfer - in the journal header long description, you will data enter the budget journal(s) numbers as a reference. Then a scanned document is not being required.

BANK journals

  • ACH notice
  • Wire transfer notice
  • Cash deposits:
  • UHV - Quick Books weekly deposit report

UHSSL - deposit slip -- On the budget journal, please enter the general ledger journal number as a reference.

UHSCR - deposit slip

Sales/service journals - memo that documents the sales/charges

Procard journal - no scanned document required

For all documents scanned into PeopleSoft:

Scan memo authorizing temporary signature authority

Block all security sensitive information

If document is printed on thermal paper, make a copy of the document prior to scanning into PeopleSoft