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Enclosures For Purchase Vouchers

Enclosures are attached to checks sent to vendors by the UH Treasury for the purpose of identifying the payment. If an invoice has a unique number assigned by the vendor, then an enclosure generally is not needed.

However, if an account number is used as the invoice number on a voucher, then an enclosure is used to assist the vendor in applying the payment to the proper account. (An exception to this rule is the use of the account number when paying for newspaper advertisements.)

Some voucher documents, such as registration or membership forms, do not have an invoice number, and an enclosure is needed for these vouchers.

Enclosures are needed on payments made for:

  • Utilities
  • Phone Service
  • Cable Service (such as Suddenlink)
  • Shipping Service (such as United Parcel Service, Federal Express, Airborne, and DHL)
  • Order Forms
  • Registrations
  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • Performa Invoices

Direct deposit payments do not require enclosures because the payment is not mailed. The City of Victoria, Constellation and Ebsco are examples of vendors that are paid by direct deposit.

When an enclosure is needed, two entries must be made in the voucher. On the Payments panel under the heading "Payment Information," enter the word "Enclosure" on the Comments field. Then, under the "Payment Method" header, select "EN" (instead of the default "BP") in the "Handling" field.

In order that an enclosure is available to send with a check, a copy of the voucher coversheet marked “Enclosure” and attached to the remittance advice must be submitted to the Finance Office. Examples of the remittance advice are the payment stub from the utility invoice or the completed registration form. The Finance Office forwards these enclosure copies to the UH Treasury.