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Financial Aid
Priority Deadlines: 

Fall 2014 - 8/14/14

8 weel 1- 8/18/14

8 week 2- 10/20/14

First Possible Disbursement Dates:

Spring 2014 - 1/12/15

8 week 1 - 1/12/15

8 week 2  - 3/23/15

Summer 1 - 5/26/15

2nd disbursement - 6/18/15

Summer 2 -6/30/15

2nd disbursement - 7/23/15

Summer 10 -5/26/15

2nd disbursement -7/16/15

Disbursements occur Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All documentation must be completed prior to disbursement.

UHV Guarantee

Random Students

The UHV Guarantee is a financial aid opportunity that awaits new freshmen and sophomores. Students will receive a $1,000 scholarship for UHV Jaguar Village housing expenses for the academic year. For freshman recipients, the scholarship is renewable for the sophomore year.

To be eligible for the UHV Guarantee in fall 2015, a student must be:

  • A new UHV freshman or sophomore pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • Eligible to receive federal, state and/or university aid as verified by a completed FAFSA or TASFA.
  • Taking face-to-face classes on the Victoria campus at UHV and enrolled full time (12 semester credit hours each semester), for the fall semester.
    • ✓ Freshmen - 12 hours face to face
    • ✓ Sophomores - at least 9 hours face to face plus 3 more hours either face to face or online
  • Must maintain satisfactory academic progress (http://www.uhv.edu/ofa/academicprogress.aspx) at the end of the first academic year.

Steps to Receive the UHV Guarantee for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

  1. Apply for admission to UHV (second-year students do not need to reapply).
  2. Complete the 2015-2016 FAFSA or TASFA.
  3. Register for classes.
  4. Sign up for housing.
  5. Review the "To-Do" list for required documents at myUHV and submit them in person to the Office of Financial Aid (Room 110, University West), by fax (361-580-5555) or by e-mail (finaid@uhv.edu).
  6. Check your UHV student e-mail account frequently for information regarding your financial aid status.
  7. Accept your grant and scholarship awards in the Financial Aid section of myUHV.

For more information about the UHV Guarantee, renewal requirements, and all other financial aid opportunities, call the Office of Financial Aid at (361) 570-4125 or toll free at (877) 970-4848, ext. 4125.