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Financial Aid
Priority Deadlines: 

 Fall - April 15

Spring - October 15

Summer - March 15

First Possible Disbursement Dates:

Spring - January 18, 2011

Summer - June 6, 2011

Disbursements occur Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All documentation must be completed prior to disbursement.


Your financial aid awards will appear on your fee bill once you have accepted your aid in PeopleSoft.Financial Aid offers are posted on your fee bill to activate your student enrollment.Funds are not actually credited to your account until your enrollment is activated. Most financial aid is automatically credited to the student's account and applied against current academic year charges.Federal regulations allow UHV to use SFA program funds only for current year expenses and for a PRIOR academic year balance up to $200. After the financial aid funds have been applied to the student's account, a credit balance may occur. Any credit balance due you will be processed by Accounts Payable on Mondays and Wednesdays.Refund checks are mailed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the UH Treasury Office in Houston.

Your grants, scholarships, and/or loans may not appear on your fee bill if:

  • You did not complete and mail all of the required Financial Aid forms; or
  • You did not complete your tasks in PeopleSoft; or
  • You have a STOP on your records; or
  • The hours you anticipated did not match the hours you actually enrolled for; or
  • You have not completed the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note.

Students co-enrolling at VC, WCJC, CBC, UHD, ACC, HCC-Northwest or HCC-Southwest must have a completed Consortium Agreement and provide a paid fee receipt and a course schedule on file in the Office of Financial Aid prior to disbursement of funds.

VA Certification is not reviewed and processed until the first class day of the semester (4th class day in the summer sessions).

If at least half of the total amount due on the fee bill is paid, you are considered to be actively enrolled and you must officially withdraw if you do not wish to attend classes. In the event your aid did not cover at least half of the amount due, you must pay at least the difference. Students who enroll based upon expected aid, and then do not qualify for the aid, are required to pay when billed. Payment due dates are the same for all students.

If you receive a financial aid refund check, but have decided not to attend, do not cash the check. If you do, you may be in violation of State and/or Federal law. First, officially withdraw through PeopleSoft. Write a note to the Bursar's Office advising us that you will not be attending and return the note and the check to:

Bursar Office
University of Houston-Victoria
3007 N. Ben Wilson
Victoria, TX 77901-5731

(WRITE "VOID" ON THE CHECK!) Do notuse the fee payment envelope to return financial aid refund checks since those go to the bank rather than to our Bursar's Office.

You have the right to cancel all or a portion of the loan(s) by contacting our office within 14 days of the date on this letter. The funds will be returned to your lender by either electronic funds transfer (EFT) or check.

If you register for a different enrollment status (full time, 3 /4 time, 1/2 time) than you originally indicated on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or UHV Scholarship Application, your aid will be revised in most instances before disbursement can be authorized. This will delay disbursement of aid to your student account.The financial aid system interfaces with the Registration and Student Financial Services systems to verify enrollment status and credit students' accountwho pass the enrollment audit.


The crediting of your student account may take approximately two working days after your file is complete and your enrollment is activated.It is advantageous to get your paperwork in as soon as possible.

Grants, scholarships, and Stafford loans will appear on your fee bill. This type of financial aid is received by the University as separate checks. Prior to releasing any of these checks, you must have paid at least half of the amount due as shown on your fee bill and have an active enrollment status.

Students will be disenrolled if their enrollment status has not been activated prior to the first day of classes. Students will have to re-register and pay at least half of their bill to get activated.