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Financial Aid
Priority Deadlines: 

 Fall - March 15

Spring - October 15

Summer - March 15

First Possible Disbursement Dates:


Summer 1 and 10 Week 2012 - June 4, 2012

Summer 2 2012 - July 9, 2012

Disbursements occur Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All documentation must be completed prior to disbursement.


Your financial aid is calculated based on full-time enrollment status. Your cost of attendance budget and financial aid awards will be modified to meet your current enrollment status prior to disbursement.


  • 1-5 hours = less than half time
  • 6-8 hours = half time
  • 9-11 hours = 3/4 time
  • 12 or more hours = full time


  • 1-4 hours = less than half time
  • 5 hours = half time
  • 6-8 hours = 3/4 time
  • 9 or more hours = full time

Once a student accepts his/her financial aid awards, the awards will appear on the student's billing account in MyUHV as anticipated aid.  A majority of scholarships, grants, waivers and loans will be credited toward the students university account after all required documentation has been received and all offers of aid have been accepted in MyUHV.

UHV begins disbursing financial aid to the student accounts no earlier than the first day of class. The financial aid will be applied to current year charges.  Federal regulations allow UHV to use federal aid only for current year expenses and for the most recent PRIOR academic year balance up to $200. Any resulting credit balance will be issued to the student. Students will be notified via UHV email when their financial aid is applied to his/her student account.

Financial aid will not disburse to a student's account if Financial Aid forms or documentation are still appearing on the student's To-Do List; or a Hold is on the student's records; or the student's cost of attendance budget and awards have not yet been revised to meet his/her current enrollment status.  If one semester remains in an academic year prior to the student's graduation, the loan may be prorated according to the student's enrollment status and can be disbursed in one disbursement.

Students must activate his/her new Jaguar Card and choose how they want to receive your refunds.  Students will have the choice to have the refund applied to the Higher One debit card (Jaguar Card), refunds electronically sent to his/her bank account, or have a paper check mailed.

Some Alternative Student Loans and scholarships will be mailed from the lender/donor to UHV.  A recipient must have a zero balance, be registered for at least the minimum enrollment status and meet any additional criteria prior to the check being released to the student.  The student must come in person to sign for his/her check.

You have the right to cancel all or a portion of the loan(s) by contacting our office within 14 days of the date the student was notified of his/her loan disbursement. The funds will be returned to the Department of Education.

Students will be dis-enrolled from classes if their tuition and fees have not been either paid in full or the anticipated financial aid awards do not cover the total bill.  Students will need to re-register for classes and make a payment. When the student's anticipated financial aid awards cover the tuition and fee balance, the student will not have to make a payment or get a short term tuition loan.



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