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International Students


The cost of living in the United States may be high in comparison to your home country. The University cannot predict what individual expenses will be. Estimated expenses in the United States average up to $2000 per month, not including tuition and fees. Students should have at least $7000 available funds in US dollars upon arrival in Texas to cover registration fees and initial living expenses. For convenience, students should check with their banking institution and consider transfer of funds to a bank in the United States.  Tuition and fees for the university may be paid with MasterCard or Discover Card credit cards. Banks in the US may supply students with debit/credit cards that can be used for expenses. Request the bank card to be MasterCard for tuition payment purposes. Payment deadlines are set for each semester of study and delay in payment may result in calcellation of classes.  Annual expenses that may be expected are listed below in U.S. dollars:

2012-2013 International Student Fee Schedule


Total fee amount is calculated for first year of study only.  Students must have enough funding

to cover tuition and fees, plus living expenses for the duration of the program of study.




(With Dorm Housing)


(No Dorm Housing)


Example: Added Program Fees#

Tuition and Fees*




$12984 (+MBA fees)

Room and Board





Miscellaneous Expense










#Some programs have additional fees added. (See MBA example in column above.)  The programs with added fee amounts are listed here:

  • Graduate business students add $1350 to the total tuition amount for additional graduate business fees.
  • Nursing students in the RN to BSN program add $480 to total tuition amount for additional nursing fees.
  • Nursing students in the Second Degree BSN program add $648 to total tuition amount for additional nursing fees.
  • Nursing students in the MSN program add $306 to total tuition amount for additional nursing fees.
  • Students in the MSN/MBA program add $1,656 to total tuition amount for additional nursing and MBA fees.
  • Athletic Students add $50 for additional Athletics fees once per year.

*Total expense amount listed for is for one academic year (Fall and Spring Terms) of study.  Student should have this minimum amount available for each year of study at UHV, and must show proof of available funds for the first year of study to obtain an I-20.  Tuition and fees cost is based on 24 semester hours of enrollment per academic year for undergraduate students, and 18 semester hours of enrollment per academic year for graduate students.  The total amount includes cost for 9 months of living expenses, that is two terms of study, during the Fall and Spring long terms.  Students who plan to attend summer sessions should have additional funds available for tuition, fees, and living expenses.  Miscellaneous expenses include books, health insurance, transportation, school supplies and personal incidental needs.  Health insurance cost for the 2012-2013 academic year is $555 per semester, Fall and Spring terms only. Summer insurance coverage is included in the Spring payment.  Health insurance must be purchased before the first class day, and all F-1 visa holders must be covered by health insurance or agree to purchase the university provided plan included with tuition payment.  A student who will bring dependents (spouse and/or children) must increase annual total by $5,000 per person.

Room and Board expense is based on Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Financial Aid information for 2012-2013 for a person living in on-campus student housing, double occupancy, rate of $4,250 per year (Fall and Spring), and the Residential Meal Plan rate of $1,250 per term.  Students living in off-campus housing would increase this amount by approximately $3,900.  On-campus housing is not available for students attending any UHV campus location outside of Victoria, Texas.  Students enrolled in Summer courses will require minimal increase in costs for room and board of approximately $2,850.