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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much is tuition and fees, excluding books?

Answer: For the 2013-14 academic year, approximately $15,749.40 for Texas residents.

Question: How much will books cost for this program?

Answer: Approximately $2,500.00

Question: Do I have to have all of my prerequisite course work completed prior to the August 15th deadline? Can the course or courses be in progress?

Answer: Yes, all prerequisite course work must be completed prior to the August 15th deadline. A cumulative GPA and a GPA in your sciences is computed. If your course is in progress, a grade is not available; therefore, we are unable to compute a GPA.

Question: What if I am lacking one or two prerequisite courses? Can I be admitted on condition?

Answer: No, all prerequisite course work must be completed and official transcripts must be submitted to NursingCAS by the August 15th deadline – no exceptions!

Question: Can any of the requirements for the Second Degree BSN program be waived?

Answer: No, the requirements have been set to comply with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Board of Nursing standard.

Question: Where can I take the TEAS Exam?

Answer: For your convenience, we have this information listed on the School of Nursing website under the Second Degree BSN link under application checklist.

You will select University of Houston-Victoria to have your results sent. As you schedule your test, you will notice that a study guide is also available. Please aim for an adjusted individual total score of 75% or higher, and a 75% or higher for the reading section. You may take the TEAS V exam twice. The highest scores will be selected from the two.

Question: Where can I obtain my CPR? Is there a specific CPR required?

Answer: You may obtain your CPR certification at any healthcare facility. Hospital requirements for clinical rotations require that you be CPR certified. Only American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) Health Care Provider CPR verification will be accepted. You must take the healthcare provider class for BLS (CPR and AED) program.
We do not accept any online CPR certifications!

Question: Where will the clinicals for this program take place?

Answer: Primarily Fort Bend, Katy, and the greater Houston area will be necessary to satisfy program requirements.

Question: Do I have to have a 3.0 GPA?

Answer: The standard set for the Second Degree BSN program is a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, and a minimum 3.0 GPA in your natural and behavioral sciences. You must meet both minimum requirements in order to qualify. You cannot have one or the other.

Question: What does cumulative mean?

Answer: You must have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 from EVERY college course that you have ever taken.

Question: What courses are considered as my natural and social and behavioral sciences?

Answer: Introduction to Psychology, Human Growth and Development (Lifespan), Introduction to Sociology, Human Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, Microbiology, and General/Introduction to Chemistry.

Question: Is there a time limitation for any of my lower level prerequisites?

Answer: No! There is not a time limitation, however, you MUST meet the minimum GPA requirement which is a 3.0.

Question: When is admission to the program?

Answer: The School of Nursing offers admission to the Second Degree BSN program in the Spring semester only. The deadline for application to NursingCAS is August 15th. Complete the NursingCAS online application for undergraduate admission at the following website: NursingCAS is the first national centralized application service for students applying to registered nursing programs.

Please note that it takes 4-6 weeks for NursingCAS to process your application. You may start your NursingCAS application February 1, 2014.

Question: How often will I meet in a class room setting, and for how long?

Answer: This is a full-time, 5 day a week, one year intensive program. Please note and be aware you may be away from home and your family as much as 50 hours per week including driving and study groups.

Question: Will I have any online classes?

Answer: You will have an online component for each class in this program.

Question: Will I be able to work?

Answer: No! This is a full-time, 5 day a week, one year intensive program.To be successful in this program, you will not have the opportunity for employment during the one year of intensive study.

Question: When will I know that I have been accepted or not into the program?

Answer: Final approval to the program is based on Board of Nursing clearance, criminal background check, and drug screen.


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