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Faculty Development Leave (Sabbaticals)


Currently the University offers two yearly development leaves. Specific guidelines for faculty development leave can be found in the Faculty Manual, Section G-4.


Generally, those eligible for faculty development leave have been employed by the University for a minimum of five consecutive years. Leave may be granted for one academic year at half salary or one-half year at full salary.


The Chair of the Faculty Council is to appoint a committee of three tenured faculty members, none of whom may be applicants, to review proposals and to make recommendations to the Provost, who will in turn make recommendations to the President. The President will make the award.


Proposals should include the following information in the following format:

  1. Name, school, teaching field, and date of inital full-time faculty appointment to UHV.

  3. Period for which leave is sought.

  5. Description of the activity to be undertaken, where it will take place, and its relevance to the applicant's responsiblities at UHV.

  7. Explanation of how the activity wiil contribute to the applicant's professional development, benefit the university in ways worthy of the support extended, and advance scholarly and pedagogical knowledge.

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