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A variety of faculty development resources are available to the UHV faculty. Some of these resources are available to all faculty, some are available to faculty upon request and available funds, and some are completitively awarded. Faculty Development and Research grants are intended to further the educational mission of the university by contributing to faculty members' ongoing professional development, to the advancement of knowledge in their fields and profession, and to the visibility and credibility of the university.

  • School Faculty Development Funds - A minimum of $800 is available for faculty development through application to the faculty member's particular school. Please see your school's policy or consult with your dean for more information about applying for these funds.

  • Faculty Development Grants - Faculty developments grants are limited to a total of $1300 per individual per year and are used for travel to conferences for the purpose of making a presentation when a faculty member's School Faculty Development Funds have already been expended. A total of $600 of the $1300 may be used as a recognition award for a first authored book or monograph by a respected publisher of scholarly or professional works or an article publication in a refereed journal. Recognition funds may be used for professional expenses of the faculty member's choosing. To apply for these funds you must complete the following form. Please see the Faculty Manual for more concerning the restictions and uses of these funds.

  • Research Development Funds from the Research Office - When other funding sources have been exhausted for conducting research, the individual may apply to the Research Office for a small grant. These grants are typically limited to no more than $2000 and require Provost's approval.

Faculty Manual section G-2 Faculty Development and Research Grants


UHV Faculty Development Grant for Research Application


Faculty Development Grant for Conference Presentation and Publication

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