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Sponsored projects are administered in the Grant Accounting section of the Business Affairs office.


Questions about existing projects, allowability of cost, financial reporting requirements, rebudgeting, and indirect cost should be directed to the Grant Accounting office, University of Houston-Downtown, Business Affairs Office, One Main Street, 970-S, Houston, TX 77002. Telephone number is 713-221-8602. Fax number is 713-221-2798.

Primary Responsibilities of the Grant Accounting Office

  1. Ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  2. Federal guidelines contained in OMB circulars A-21 and A-110 are guidelines applied to UHV sponsored projects. In addition, A-21 states that allowable cost must be given consistent treatment through applications of the generally accepted accounting principles appropriate to the circumstances. This means that State of Texas regulations, such as those for procurement and travel, must also be applied to federal program expenditures.


  3. Financial monitoring and reporting
  4. Once an award is accepted by UHV, Grant Accounting sets up a PeopleSoft (PS) Cost Center and the IDC rate awarded is input into PS for monthly calculation and allocation. All projects are set up according to a sponsor approved budget. The degree of deviation allowed by the sponsor varies widely from complete discretion by the PI to requiring sponsor approval for all changes. The reporting of expenditures also varies in the amount of detail required and the frequency of the reports. OMB Circular A-110 requires all federal granting agencies to use one standard set of reports. However, non-federal projects are not bound by that restriction.


  5. Assistance to Principal Investigators (PI's)
  6. Each sponsor's regulations are varied and complex. To allow for informal decisions concerning expenditures, it is essential that project PI's be provided with as much information as possible. Sponsors expect guidelines to be followed closely, project PI's expect freedom to spend as they see fit, the University officials expect no mistakes on either side. Grant Accounting will advise the PI on appropriate actions to take regarding budgeting and expenditures.

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