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Mail Options

Interoffice Mail

Interoffice mail will be picked up on normal mail run; this includes mail for Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail should have the University address with the department’s name in the top left corner for proper mail charges. Departments are advised to use University business envelopes and larger envelopes without clasps. Outgoing mail placed in the Postal Services blue boxes, located outside the Finance Office, is picked up daily by 3 p.m.

Metering of Mail

University outgoing mail is metered for business use only. Only envelopes using the University, as a return address will be metered with the official State of Texas imprint and mailed. The return address must contain the division or department name for internal billing. Personal mail will not be processed through the University postage machine.

Postage Stamps

The use of postage stamps are permitted for certain social events, such as holiday invitations, donor letters, thank you cards; but should not be used for daily routine mail services unless the meter is not operable. All official mail should be metered with the official State of Texas seal.

Postage stamps may be purchased with your ProCard. The department will be required to maintain a Postal Register (stamp log), attach to the original transaction log with the purchase of stamps and retain a copy with the cardholder’s documentation.

Business Reply Mail

A mail service whereby an envelope imprinted with our Business Reply Permit No. 463 is enclosed for the returning of information to the University at no cost to the sender. Returned envelopes are charged a minimal fee by the post office plus postage, presently $1.21 each. The department will only be paying for answered or returned envelopes. Business reply will be charged back at the end of each month by journal entry to departmental users.

Bulk Mail

The term “Bulk Mail” refers to quantities (200 pieces or more) of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage rates. The Postal Service offers discounts for “Bulk Mailings” because you do some of the work that otherwise would have to be done by the Postal Service (for example, sorting the mail by zip code or transporting the mail to a different postal facility). Everyone benefits from this “work sharing.” Mailers make an investment in time and technology and the Postal Service’s cost are reduced and you pay less.

Bulk mail service is available and Mail Services should be contacted for specific format information and assistance. Procedures and information with bulk mailing is available on the “P” Drive, Postage-Bulk Mail folder.

Interactive Forms:

Bulk Mail Form     Bulk Mail Worksheet

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