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Ricardo Teixeira

Ricardo Teixeira

Ricardo Teixeira, Ph.D.
Director of Math Program Director of Core Curriculum Assistant Professor of Math
Phone: 361-570-4206
Office: Rm 254, West Bldg (Victoria)

Ricardo Teixeira began teaching at UHV in the fall of 2010, when the university received the first class of freshman and sophomore students. He helped implemented the lower-division math courses and first-year seminar. Since then, Dr. Teixeira has been teaching lower-division, upper-division and graduate courses at UHV.

Research Interests

Dr. Teixeira has interests in both pure and applied Mathematics, as well as in Mathematics Education. In pure Mathematics, his main work is in the Functional Analysis field. He received his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin, advised by Dr. Edward Odell, in the spring of 2010. Dr. Teixeira solved the problem of whether the set of S_α-Singular operators form an ideal, this work was published in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. Currently, he studies structure of infinite-dimensional Banach Spaces.

In applied Mathematics, Dr. Teixeira has worked in developing tools to predict the results of future events. His tool can be successfully applied to predicting the outcome of sports events. Under this research line, Dr. Teixeira has already advised two graduate students in projects. As future projects, he is trying to expand the use of predictions to marketing and other applications.

In Mathematics Education, Dr. Teixeira has contributed to researches regarding how college students may mature quantitative reasoning abilities. He has also worked with Dana Center in developing textbooks for an innovative approach to developmental/freshman level mathematics. The project is called New Mathways Project, already implemented in most Community Colleges in Texas and in several other institutions across the US, uses the most modern ideas (learning episodes, inquiry-based techniques, real-data problems, etc.) to present mathematics in an interesting and engaging way.

Supporting Mathematics

Dr. Teixeira also supports education through different lines. He is the faculty advisor of an honor society (UHV’s Gamma Beta Phi), the founder of a science club for elementary school students, the director of the Mathematics Program at UHV, the director of the Core Curriculum at UHV, the organizer of the annual Math and Robotics Awareness Day (event that has brought several hundreds of high school students to campus for activities and competitions), a member in the Living and Learning Communities, a member of the STEAM panel at Children’s Discovery Museum, a member of the Site-Based Decision Team for a local elementary school, and member of several other committees in Victoria.

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