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Freshman Seminar


The first year seminar is an introduction to a variety of subjects and topics taught at an introductory college level. More importantly, the first year seminar has elements that will help you transition to the wonderful world of college and its benefits.

What make the first year seminar special?

  • Gives you the opportunity to engage with some of more interactive faculty among the university
  • Provides you a foundation to become a better writer, speaker, and problem solver so you can be successful in your upper division courses
  • Helps you become familiar with the university
  • Involves you in special activities that build new friendships to support you throughout your college experience.

So…who is required to take the first year class?

As per the 2015-16 University of Houston-Victoria Academic catalog:

“All students entering with less than 30 semester hours are required to take UNIV 1300 First Year Seminar.”

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