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Course Descriptions

ARTS 1312: Creativity and the Fine Arts

Students will build appreciation and understanding of the visual and performing arts by critiquing and designing arts experiences, particularly for children and adolescents.


BIOL 1308: Biology I for Non-Science Majors

This is an introduction to cell physiology, molecular biology, and genetics. Three hours lecture each week. This class is designed for non-science majors. Concurrent enrollment in BIOL 1106 recommended.


BIOL 1106: Biology I Lab

Laboratory designed to give hands-on experience and to reinforce basic principles of cell physiology, molecular biology, and genetics. It is a three lab hours each week.


COSC 1301: Technology and Problem Solving

This is an introduction to technology, algorithmic problem solving, and their applications for students in sciences, humanities, social sciences, and business.


ENGL 1300: Introduction to College Writing

Introduction to the principles and skills of college composition. Credit for this course does not count toward the UHV Core but may be used as a lower-division elective. May not be taken for credit after successful completion of ENGL 1301.


ENGL 1301: Composition I

Composition course providing instruction in the writing and analysis of expository prose; emphasis on rhetorical principles and basic organizational modes.


MATH 1314: College Algebra

Course will cover quadratics, polynomial, rational, logarithmic and exponential functions, system of equations, progression, sequences and series, matrices and determinants.


PSCI 2306: Texas State & Local Government

Introduction to Texas state and local government including constitutional basis, processes, institutions and policies of Texas government and politics.


PSYC 2301 Introduction to Psychology

Survey of Introductory topics such as learning, memory, sensation and perception, personality, life-span development, psychological basis of behavior, stress and health, psychological disorders, social psychology and research methods.


SPCH 1315: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Introduction of the basic principles and techniques in research, composition, organization, and delivery of speeches for various purposes appropriate for purpose, occasion, and audience.


UNIV 1300: First Year Seminar

In conjunction with the Community Readers Program, this course will provide an academic context for: (1) the understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of a college education; (2) study and life skills necessary for academic success; and, (3) opportunities for connection with peers, faculty, and the institution. This course is required for freshmen students in all majors and any student entering the university with less than 30 SCH.

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