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Technology Services


Photo of Joseph Ferguson Joseph Ferguson
Senior Director,
Academic & Student
Technology Services
Office: 361-570-4391
Photo of Randy Faulk Randy Faulk
Technology Services
Office: 361-570-4397
Photo of Elizabeth Corte Elizabeth Corte
Admin Assistant
Office: 361-570-4390
Photo of Matt Alexander Matt Alexander
Mgr. Academic User Services
Office: 361-570-4393
Photo of Gabe Striedel Gabe Striedel
Mgr., Network Operations
Office: 361-570-4887
Photo of Aurora Robinson Aurora Robinson
Senior Secretary
Office: 361-570-4889
Photo of Joseph Galvan
Audiovisual Tech.
Office: 361-570-4884
Photo of Eric Mims Eric Mims
Mgr., IT Security
Office: 361-570-4396
MCSE Systems Engineer
Photo of James Garcia James Garcia
Telecom Analyst
Office: 361-570-4389
Photo of Eric Chacon Eric Chacon
Web Developer
Office: 361-570-4899
Photo of Bryan Hobgood Bryan Hobgood
LAN Administrator
Office: 361-570-4898
Photo of Mary Gutierrez Mary Gutierrez
LAN Administrator
Office: 361-570-4846
Photo of Mary Ann Rivera Mary Ann Rivera
Office: 361-570-4395
Photo of Kayla Sappington
Systems Specialist
Office: 361-570-4387
Photo of Vacant
Switchboard Receptionist
Office: 361-570-4848
Photo of Sherrie Kroll Sherrie Kroll
Senior Systems Administrator
Office: 361-570-4392
Photo of Marci Wallace Marci Wallace
Web Services Mgr.
Office: 361-570-4394
Photo of Jennifer Opiela Jennifer Opiela
Web Projects Manager
Office: 361-570-4892
Photo of Warren Diprose Felicia Buchwalder
Web Specialist
Office: 361-570-4878
Photo of Chris Burford Chris Burford
Systems Analyst
Office: 361-570-4293
Photo of Warren Diprose Warren Diprose
Web Developer
Office: 361-570-4266
Photo of Lawrence Nelson
Help Desk Manager
Office: 361-570-4886
Photo of Sara Duran Sara Duran
Help Desk Technician
Office: 361-570-4380
Photo of JoAnna Montez
Senior Secretary
Office: 361-570-4398
Photo of Cory Skinner
PC Specialist
Office: 361-570-4896 / 361-570-4156
Photo of Antonio "Tony" Rodriguez
ITV Technician
Office: 361-570-4819
Photo of Philip Posey
Network Specialist
Office: 361-570-4845
Photo of Megan Perez Megan Perez
Computer Lab Technician
Office: 361-570-4142
Photo of Colton Marek Colton Marek
Applications Development Specialist
Office: N/A
Photo of Beth Eliot Beth Eliot
Office Assistant (HT)
Office: N/A
Photo of Halbert Harris
Systems Support Analyst (Houston)
Office: N/A
Photo of Vacant
Network Administrator
Office: N/A

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