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VPN User Requirements


1.  User’s system must be running Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, or Windows Vista.

2.  A "broadband" or equivalent Internet connection is required. This includes a DSL or Cable connection to the Internet.

3.  User’s home network must be protected by a hardware firewall such as any version of the Linksys Cable/DSL firewall. Brand is NOT important, but we have extensive and favorable experience with those produced by Linksys (http://www.linksys.com).

While we can not provide technical support for your purchase, Technology Services can assist you with configuration needs in deciding your purchase.

4.  User MUST have their PC verified as being free of all viruses/worms/spyware. To verify this we stipulate:

a.  User must have current anti‑virus software running and updated. We provide McAfee, for a copy please contact the UHV Help Desk 361-570-4380.
b.  User should regularly run spyware checking software to clean out spyware. Some options available are SpyBot and Ad-aware.

5.  User must configure VPN setup so that non‑UHV traffic does NOT flow through the UHV VPN connection. See (Configure VPN for UHV traffic W2K) for Windows 2000 and (Configure VPN for UHV traffic XP) for Windows XP to accomplish this.