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ITV Faculty Special Requests FAQ's

  How do I go about making arrangements to have material delivered?

Submit electronic form available at


Contact by phone one of the following:
    Matt x393
    James x389

Where and who do I deliver the id material to?

id material should be sent to Secretary in UC207 via campus mail or hand delivered.

How much notice is needed to properly handle my request and how far ahead of time should materials be delivered to Technology Services?

At least twenty-four hours before id.

How far ahead of time should materials be delivered to Technology Services Secretary?

At least twenty-four hours before the id is scheduled to begin.

Does our service include making copies of and printing out material?

No. We only hand out the material that was delivered to us in the form that we received it.

Do Lab Attendant's stay in the room during the id, such as proctoring tests?

No. We do not have the resources to have student workers stay in the room.

Will a Lab Attendant collect material at the end of the id?

Yes. We will collect the materials and return them to you via campus mail or hold it in the Lab Attendant's area in the event that you would like to come pick it up.

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