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Human Resources


Thank you for your feedback and solutions. Brief responses are posted below. If your feedback did not receive a response, consider submitting it directly to the appropriate department or office.

Laura Smith
Director, HR/AA

Spring and summer 2010

December 17, 2009: Why has some staff been told they can’t sell things during work, when OAR staff continues to be allowed to sell during working hours?

Response: Forwarded to appropriate administrator. OAR staff are not selling during working hours – vacation and flexible lunch hours are being used.

February 26, 2010: Please reconsider flex-time, especially on Friday afternoon. There should be a requirement that every key are (not just office) has at least one individual who is here on Friday afternoons. For example, in IT (office) if you have phone issues (area) on Friday afternoon, there is no one to help. There are many other areas where you can’t get anyone on Friday afternoons. For those who do work, it is becoming difficult to transfer calls, get some things done, and to get any help if there are problems.

Response: Discussed at Cabinet March 24, 2010. No action taken

March 9, 2010: Please combine the training and development emails into one weekly or monthly list. Many of us get enough emails and don’t appreciate 3-4 in one day about training.

Response: This feedback has been implemented. Thank you for suggesting.

March 11, 2010: Personnel feedback

April 1, 2010: How can we have an IT employee working 30 hours per week for us while working full-time for another employer?

Response: This was forwarded to the appropriate department head. Note - it is legal and within university policy

April 15, 2010: Please fix the personal hygiene dispensers in the first floor of University West. I don’t know how many quarters I’ve put into those machines only to not be able to get the item I need. It’s been months since either of them in both downstairs bathrooms has worked.

Response: This was forwarded to the appropriate administrator in Facilities Department. Please note: these types of concerns can be addressed to the Facilities Department, extension 4804.

May 12, 2010: Cleaning conditions of facilities, bathrooms in particular, were addressed in feedback.

Response: Facilities Director was hired June 14, 2010. Again, these types of concerns can be addressed to the Facilities Department, extension 4804.

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