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Homeland Security

Shelter In Place at Home : Important Preparations

Psychologically prepare yourself... admit to yourself that it can and will happen where you live/work/play. Commit to memory exactly what you will do the instant you know of an attack in your area. The first few seconds and minutes may be critical to your survival.

Make several emergency plans and prioritize them. Do not deviate from your priority planning unless there is an overwhelming need to do so. Plans that are made when you are cool, calm, and collected will almost always be better than the "spur of the moment" plan made under duress.

Don't be afraid – be prepared.

Rehearse your plan(s) – "you will play like you practice." Drive potential evacuation routes on weekends. Check each route for any potential bottlenecks, dangerous areas, run a family Shelter-in-Place (SIP) drill, etc.

Study your area weather patterns and prevailing winds for different times of the year. Pay special attention to evening weather forecasts if the National Security Threat level goes to Red (Severe Risk of Terrorist attack). STAY INFORMED AND BE AWARE.