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Faculty CV

Name: Jun Yang
Position/Title: Assistant Professor
Work Address: University of Houston-Victoria
3007 North Ben Wilson
Victoria, Texas 77901
Work Telephone: 361-570-4848 Work Email: yangj@uhv.edu

Educational Background/Training

  • Ph.D. Syracuse University,  MARKETING,  2005 
  • M.S. Syracuse University,  Applied Statistics,  2005 
  • M.S. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,  Economics,  2000 
  • B.S. Fudan University,  International Business,  1998 

Relevant Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, The University of Mississippi (2005 - 2009)

Academic Scholarship/Research/Creative Endeavors


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  • Yang, Y. , Gourley, D. , Gourley, G. , Faris, R. , & Yang, J. (2010, May). African American Patients' Attitudes toward Proactive Health Behaviors after Exposure to Direct-to-consumer Advertising. Journal of the National Medical Association, 102(5), 408-15.
  • Yang, J. (2010). Modeling the diffusion process with Indirect Network Externalities. Journal of Information Systems Technology and Planning.
  • Yang, J. & Li, Y. (1999). The Reform of Interest Rate System and the Development of State Owned Banks of China. Financial Reference.
  • Proceedings

  • Mai, E. , Yang, J. & Ben-Ur, J. (2012). What Drives Experiential Product Reviewers of Third-Party Websites?. American Marketing Association Winter Educators Conference.
  • Yang, J. , Lu, J. , Yu, C. & Hayes, L. (2012). The impact of Social Capital and Personality Traits on e-learning. American Marketing Association Winter Educators Conference.
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