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Faculty CV

Name: Jonathan Du
Position/Title: Associate Professor
Work Address: University of Houston System at Sugar Land
14000 University Boulevard
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Work Telephone: 281-275-3300 Work Email: duj@uhv.edu

Educational Background/Training

  • Ph.D. St. Louis University ,  International Business and Accounting,  2002 
  • M.A. Washington University at St. Louis,  Economics,  1993 
  • M.B.A. The People's University of China,  International Finance,  1990 
  • B.A. Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics,  Finance and Economics,  1982 
  • Have been working on CFA certificate. Will take another exam this coming June. , 2010
  • Computer Programming
  • Network and telecommunications

Relevant Teaching Experience

Academic Scholarship/Research/Creative Endeavors


  • Metgaltch, M. , Du, J. J. & Ning, Y. (2010, Fall). Validation of Moving Average Trading Rules: Evidence from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Multinational Business Review, 17(3), 101-122.
  • Guo, D. & Du, J. J. (2010). Critical Historical Turning Points in Accounting Thought Evolution. Accounting Research in China.
  • Ning, Y. , Metghalchi, M. & Du, J. J. (2009). Large Changes in Board Size, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value. Corporate Ownership and Control.
  • Metghalchi,, D. , Change, D. & Du, J. J. (2008). Technical Trading Rules for NASDAW Composite Index. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics.
  • Zhao, H. , Kim, S. , Suh, T. & Du, J.  J. (2007, June). Social Institutional Explanations of Global Internet Diffusion: A Cross-Country Analysis. Journal Of Global Information Management, 15(2), 28-55.
  • Luo, Y. , Zhao, J. H. & Du, J. J. (2005, Winter). The Internationalization Speed of E-Commerce Companies: An Empirical Analysis. International Marketing Review, 22(6), 693-709.
  • Du, J. J. (2003). Corporate Competitive Advantage and Internationalization Strategy.. Carnegie Bosch Institute.
  • Du, J. J. (2003). Corruption, Transparency and FDI: An Empirical Test of Corruption Negative and Transparency Neutral Hypothesis.. Management International Review.
  • Proceedings

  • Guo, D. & Du, J. J. (2010). Critical Historical Turning Points in Accounting Thought Evolution. Chinese Accounting Association Historian Conference (jointly with AAA, JAS, and AHS).
  • Du, J. J. & Yu, B. (2009). " INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS CONVERGENCE AND RELEVANCE OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION: CHINA CASE. Chinese Accounting Professors Association (CAPA) conference.
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  • Du, J. J. (2001). Economic Regionalization, Trade and Foreign Direct Investment - A Two-Tier Study of Effects of Regional Economic Cooperation.. Academy of International Business Conference.


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