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Faculty CV

Name: Vera Adamchik
Position/Title: Associate Professor
Work Address: University of Houston System at Sugar Land
14000 University Boulevard
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Work Telephone: 281-275-3300 Work Email: adamchikv@uhv.edu

Educational Background/Training

  • Ph.D. Lehigh University ,  Business and Economics,  1999 
  • M.S. Lehigh University,  Economics,  1995 
  • D.P.A. Academy of Management at the Council of Ministries of the Republic of Belarus,  Management and Organization,  1993 
  • D.P.A. Gomel University,  Labor Economics,  1987 
  • Management of the Enterprise in the Market Economy

Relevant Teaching Experience

Academic Scholarship/Research/Creative Endeavors


  • Adamchik, V. A. (2010). Concentration and competition in the Belarusian Banking Industry: An Empirical Analysis. The Business Studies Journal, 2(1), 1-18.
  • Metghalchi, M. & Adamchik, V. (2009, Summer). The Performance of the European Stock Indices. The Business Review, Cambridge, 13(1), 68-73.
  • Metghalchi, M. & Adamchik, V. (2008, Summer). The Performance of Filter Rules for the Norwegian Stock Index. The Business Review, Cambridge, 10(2), 54-59.
  • Adamchik, V. A. (2007, December). The Dynamics of Educational Wage Premia for Female Polish Workers Over Transition. The Business Review, Cambridge, 9(1), 147-152.
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  • Adamchik, V. A. & Hyclak, T. J. (2006). Accumulated Human Capital, Unemployment, and Sugsequent Wages. The Journal of Applied Business Research, 22, 1-14.
  • Adamchik, V. A. (2005, December). Do Large Firms Pay More?. The Business Review, Cambridge, 4(2), 23-28.
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  • Adamchik, V. A. & Bedi, A. S. (1999). Wage Differentials Between the public and the private sectors: evidence from an economy in transition. Labour Economics.
  • Adamchik, V. A. (1999). The effect of Unemployment Benefits on the Probability of Re-employment in Poland. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.
  • Adamchik, V. A. (1998). Benefits & Other Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Unemployment in Poland. Labour.
  • Proceedings

  • Adamchik, V. A. & King, A. A. (2006). Assessing Labor Market Inefficiency in Poland: Preliminary Results from the Stochastic Wage Frontier Analysis. the Global Conference on Business and Finance, 2(1), 12-16.
  • Adamchik, V. A. & Hyclak, T. J. (2005). Is Human Capital Accumulated Before Permanent Job Loss Valued by New Employers?. International Business & Economic Research Conference.
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  • Adamchik, V. A. (2004). Returns to Education for Polish Women, 1994-2001. SUV (Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences) World Congress in Olomouc .
  • Adamchik, V. A. (2001). Persistence of the Gender Pay Differential in a Transition Economy. EALE (European Association of Labor Economists) Annual Conference.