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Adamchik, Vera,  Associate Professor,  Economics
Akins, J. Keith,  Assistant Professor,  Criminal Justice
Al-Nasser, Omar,  Visiting Professor,  Finance
Autry, Linda,  Associate Professor,  Counseling
Baerg, Andrew,  Assistant Professor,  Communication
Barnhill, Amy,  Assistant Professor,  Reading
Barton, Lisette,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Bell, Justin,  Assistant Professor,  Philosophy
Ben-Ur, Joseph,  Professor,  Marketing
Blodgett, Jeffrey,  Associate Professor,  Marketing
Blomstrom, Eugenia (Ginger),  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Camargo, Esperanza,  Assistant Professor,  Criminal Justice
Carlson, Paul,  Professor,  Special Education
Carr, Brian,  Lecturer,  English
Carter, Sandra,  Lecturer,  Communication
Chao, Li,  Professor,  Mathematical Sciences
Chapa, Olga,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Chavarria, Maria,  Instructor,  Spanish
Chavez-Rivera, Armando,  Assistant Professor,  Spanish
Chen, Chien-Ping,  Associate Professor,  Economics
Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny',  Assistant Professor,  Accounting
Chu, Adeline,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Cloninger, Peggy,  Associate Professor,  Management
Cox, Thomas,  Assistant Professor,  Adminstration & Supervision
Damodaran, Mel,  Professor,  Information Science
De los Santos, Estella,  Associate Professor,  Mathematical Sciences
Di Leo, Jeffrey,  Professor,  English and Philosophy
Diaz-Espinosa, Oliver,  Lecturer,  Mathematical Sciences
Dong, Xiaobo,  Assistant Professor,  Accounting
Du, Jonathan,  Associate Professor,  Finance
Dune, Linda,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Ehsan, Hashimul,  Lecturer,  Biology
Fairlamb, Horace [Bud],  Professor,  English
Foley, Roy,  Professor,  Science
Fox, Jill,  Associate Professor,  Reading
Freeman, Barbara,  Assistant Professor,  Generalist
Fry, Donald,  Associate Professor,  Adminstration & Supervision
Fry, Jane,  Associate Professor,  Reading
Garza Gomez, Xavier,  Associate Professor,  Finance
Gilb, Dagoberto,  Professor,  Latino Studies
Glasure, Yong,  Professor,  Economics
Gordon, Trina,  Assistant Professor,  Psychology
Granados, Christine,  Instructor,  English
Gunasekera, Richard,  Associate Professor,  Biology
Guo, Hongyu,  Assistant Professor,  Computer Science
Hajilee, Massomeh,  Assistant Professor,  Economics
Hamilton, Paul,  Assistant Clinical Professor,  Psychology
Hammer, Jere,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Harrington, Rick,  Professor,  Psychology
Hawkins, Robert,  Associate Professor,  Criminal Justice
Hayes, Linda,  Associate Professor,  Marketing
Hernandez, Macarena,  Instructor,  Humanities
Herzinger, Kim,  Instructor,  English
Hu, Junda,  Instructor,  Mathematical Sciences
Huang, Shengsheng,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Jaeckle, Daniel,  Professor,  English
Junious, DeMonica,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Kagochi, John,  Assistant Professor,  Economics
Kalelkar, Rachana,  Assistant Professor,  Accounting
Klages, Carol,  Associate Professor,  Social Studies
Kohlhaas, Kathryn,  Assistant Professor,  Science
Kuang, Yingxu,  Assistant Professor,  Accounting
Lee, Yong,  Associate Professor,  Accounting
Leggett, Elsa,  Assistant Professor,  Counseling
LeSage, Teresa,  Assistant Professor,  Science
Lin, Hsin-Hui,  Assistant Professor,  Reading
Loffredo, Donald,  Professor,  Psychology
Lopez, Diana,  Instructor,  English
Lu, June,  Professor,  Management
Martinez, Rachel,  Assistant Professor,  Special Education
Mayorga, Mary,  Assistant Professor,  Counseling
McCue, Jesica,  Instructor,  Biology
McIver, Derrick,  Assistant Professor,  Management
McNeely, Sandra,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Mehan, Uppinder,  Instructor,  English
Metghalchi, Massoud,  Professor,  Finance
Moe, Jeffry,  Assistant Professor,  Counseling
Natividad, Mary,  Professor,  Counseling
Neill, Cheryl,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Ning, Yixi,  Associate Professor,  Finance
Niroomand, Farhang,  Professor,  Economics
Northey, Linda,  Lecturer,  English
Nowazek, Vivian,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Nusayr, Amjad,  Lecturer,  Computer Science
Nwabueze, Uche,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Patton, Barba,  Associate Professor,  Generalist
Perz, Catherine,  Associate Professor,  Psychology
Plemons, Marie,  Professor,  Early School Education
Prince, Diane,  Professor,  Social Studies
Pringle, Patrick,  Visiting,  Administration and Supervision
Pustka, Belinda,  Visiting,  Administration and Supervision
Qin, Yan,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Radighieri, Jeffrey,  Assistant Professor,  Marketing
Ramamoorthy, Nagarajan,  Associate Professor,  Management
Rauniar, Rupak,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Reed, Randy,  Assistant Professor,  Accounting
Reeve, Kathleen,  Associate Professor,  Nursing
Ren, Louie,  Associate Professor,  Quantitative Management Science
Rhoades, Elizabeth,  Associate Professor,  Psychology
Rhoades, Matthew,  Visiting,  History
Riedesel, Dennis,  Assistant Professor,  Generalist
Salazar, Ronald,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Schlesinger, Kyle,  Assistant Professor,  Communication and Literature
Schnebly, Cindy,  Associate Professor,  English
Selvarajan, Rajan,  Associate Professor,  Management
Shelton-Quinn, Anitra,  Assistant Professor,  Psychology
Singh, Barjinder,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Smith, Harold,  Professor,  History
Sobolev, Dmitri,  Assistant Professor,  Biology
Solansky, Stephanie,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Somasundaram, Siva,  Associate Professor,  Biology
Stansell, John,  Professor,  Reading
Stringer, Donna,  Assistant Professor,  Management
Summers, David,  Associate Professor,  Management
Swaidan, Ziad,  Associate Professor,  Marketing
Tart, Kathryn,  Professor,  Nursing
Tavakkoli, Alireza,  Assistant Professor,  Information Science
Teixeira, Ricardo,  Instructor,  Mathematical Sciences
Tozzi, Gino,  Lecturer,  Political Science
Trowbridge, Steven,  Associate Professor,  Reading
Varghese, Shainy,  Assistant Professor,  Nursing
Venneman, Sandy,  Associate Professor,  Psychology
Wan, Yun,  Assistant Professor,  Information Science
Ward, Mark,  Assistant Professor,  Communication and Literature
Willis, Angela,  Instructor,  Nursing
Yang, Jie,  Associate Professor,  Quantitative Management Science
Yang, Jun,  Assistant Professor,  Marketing
Young, Andria,  Associate Professor,  Special Education
Yu, Chun-Sheng,  Associate Professor,  Management
Zhu, Qi,  Assistant Professor,  Information Science