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In the interest of public safety, and in accordance with the Texas Penal Code and Texas Revised Statutes, all weapons including licensed concealed handguns authorized under Article 4413, Texas Revised Statutes are prohibited on the physical premises of the University, including any grounds or building on which an activity sponsored by the University is being conducted or in passenger transportation vehicles of the University. This policy does not apply to law enforcement officials or security officers while in the actual discharge of their official duties and wearing a distinctive uniform and the weapon is in plain view.


Weapon – any firearm, illegal knife, club or other prohibited weapon listed in Vernon’s Texas Codes annotated, Penal Code, section 46.05(a).

The general public, students, and employees are prohibited from bringing weapons on campus.

If it comes to anyone’s attention that an individual may be carrying a prohibited weapon, that person will take no action with the individual directly, but should notify Security. Security personnel will advise the individual of university policy and request the individual leave the premises.

If the individual refuses to leave the premises after being warned, a complaint may be filed against the individual. In the event a complaint is filed with the police or sheriff’s department, a UHV Incident Report will be completed and filed for record by the Safety Officer. Security has discretion in whether local authorities should be contacted for assistance.

Students and employees may be subject to additional disciplinary action for violation of this policy.

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