Collection: The key to effective and efficient recycling lies in proper placement of recyclables by all participants. Below are defined placement and collection procedures we will follow to achieve effective recycling:

  • White copy paper will be recycled with the cardboard trays placed at individual work stations. These trays should be placed in an accessible location for custodial retrieval. Custodians will normally collect the paper on Friday evening. Other collection sites for white copy paper can be found in the West Building adjacent to the restroom entrances on both floors. One of the Formica lift top boxes at each location will be designated for white copy paper. In the Center Building, bins are located at the help desk printer stations.

  • Office Mix paper will be collected in totes or bins placed in each suite at a convenient location for the placement of all office mix recyclables. Each individual is responsible for depositing his or her own office mix recyclables into the bin. These bins will be emptied on Tuesday and Friday evenings by the evening custodians, or as volume necessitates. The location of each bin within individual suites must be such that custodians have access to it. Additional recycle bins will be located in the West Building in the faculty copy room (UW 212), at the second floor vending area across from the elevators, (the blue Rubbermaid recycle center), the New Addition faculty copy room (UW 278); in the Center Building in the Athletics copy room (UC 121), and at the first floor vending area (the blue Rubbermaid recycle center),

  • Paper to be shredded must not be placed in copy paper recycle trays. If it is retained at individual locations to be shredded at a later time, it must be clearly designated as such to avoid pick up and inclusion with copy paper. Shredded paper in tied bags can be placed in the halls for pick up by the custodial staff.

  • Newsprint must not be mixed with other paper. Newsprint recycle locations in the West building are located adjacent to the restroom entrances on both floors. One of the Formica lift top boxes at each location will be designated for Newspaper. Also, a bin will be located in the New Addition Student Lounge; in the Center Building in the student lounge, on the third floor in the hall across from UC 302. Newspapers can be brought from home for recycling but must be clean and dry and placed in proper recycle bins.

  • Cardboard may be set out in the halls for pickup by custodians.

  • Aluminum cans will be collected in ClearMax recycle system collection bins which will be located primarily near entrances of the Center and West buildings. In the West Building collection sites are located on the first floor at the Red River Entrance, at the Ben Jordan entrance, and at the New Addition Ben Wilson entrance. In the Center building, first floor locations will be at the Ben Wilson entrance and the Ben Jordan entrance.

  • Aluminum cans will be collected in small recycle containers placed in all classrooms, kitchens, break areas, and lounges.

  • Plastic drink bottles may be placed in these containers as well, but not mixed with aluminum cans in the large general collection sites. Aluminum cans and plastic bottles will each have a separate compartment at those sites. Trash, food scrapes, food containers or other non-drink containers should not be put in the small recycle containers. Large recycling containers will be located at designated locations near exit points or at convenient locations within the Center and West buildings for both cans and plastic bottles.

  • Plastic bottles: Plastic drink bottles with the recycle designation number 1 or 2 can be recycled in the same manner as aluminum cans.

  • Batteries: All rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries can be recycled. A service request can be sent for pickup of all batteries by facilities.