Our Efforts

Custodial efforts

  1. We are emphasizing and expanding our recycling efforts and have added #1 and #2 plastic which include soft drink bottles and all of our chemical bottles.
  2. We are phasing in "green" chemicals into our daily cleaning products as we expend those products previously used.
  3. We have transitioned to "green" stripper and floor finish which represents a significant step in the right direction in terms of our impact on the environment.
  4. The Custodial staff also has been instructed to turn off lights in unused areas.
  5. All of our power equipment is electric or battery operated.
  6. UHV recycled 12 tons of paper in 2007
  7. Made some adjustments to custodial schedules to take advantage of KW demand savings in electrical expenditures.
  8. Our recycle efforts has prevented paying for extra dumps of trash that we were paying for on a regular basis. We have not had to pay for extra dumps since FY 2006.

Grounds and landscaping efforts

Maintenance efforts