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Gaming Industry Survey

If you are employed in the gaming industry, please take the time to take a 30-minute or less survey in exchange for a $10 Amazon gift card (with the possibility of an additional $15 in bonuses). All responses will be kept confidential. The research is being conducted at Cornell University. To receive more information and the survey link, please email Chelsea at and indicate where you saw the study advertisement (e.g., this website). Your participation will help us better understand work-life balance issues in the video game industry.

Ready, Set, MoCap!

We are another step closer to hosting our fantastic motion capture studio on campus.

Game Cultures Study

We are registering participants for our Game Cultures Study. If you are interested in playing the game "The Lord of The Rings Online" and helping us with our study please enroll by clicking on this link .

Our People

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Our Faculty

no image found Alireza Tavakkoli
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(361) 570 - 4204
tavakkolia [at]
no image found Donald Loffredo
Professor of Psychology
(361) 570 - 4209
loffredod [at]

no image found Ricardo Teixeira
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(361) 570 - 4201
teixeirar [at]
no image found Hongyu Guo
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(361) 570 - 4201
guoh [at]
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